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Embedded display cases-xinyu inteligence

The projects involved:intelligent terminal

Customer name:zhuhai xinyu intelligence technology Co.Ltd.

The application type:15inch embedded display.

Advantage analysis:Touch Think intelligence embedded display can run 24 hours a day, and used capacitive touch for the XinYu intelligent terminals, meet user mode of multi-touch, and greatly improve the sensitivity of the touch, improve the speed of the user in the use of terminal.We choose AU 800 CD/m2 high brightness industrial-grade LCD screen for embedded LCD displays, and the working temperature reached - 10 ℃ to 60 ℃, makes the intelligent terminals working normally in direct sunlight and bad weather conditions.

XinYu Intelligent is committed to create new domain between consumers and operators high-speed convenient service operation system, self-help pay cost change system for terminal services platform, fundamentally solve the artificial charge trival, realizing unattended automation services.

Embedded display cases-xinyu inteligence

    XinYu intelligent taking the "integrity, innovation, rigorous, convenient" concept of development, sticking to the "people-oriented" talent strategy, lead a high quality, experienced technical research and development team, independent research and development, independent set, with science and technology leading digital information platform, the convenient currency receipts and supporting technical service terminals, for medical, petrochemical, communications, tourism, transportation, commercial circulation, government civilian services in areas such as providing digital self-help information query and self-service payment service application solutions and related terminal.

Embedded display

    Working in public places of XinYu intelligent terminals, is undoubtedly the most strict with quality.Is only for display, must be able to achieve in the bright outdoor display, high temperature and weather resistant, users touch click speed requirements.Select the correct display, it is very important for XinYu intelligent.

Touch Think intelligence about research and development of embedded display products for many years, has mature experience in embedded and industrial products, solve the tens of thousands of customer demand, for the XinYu intelligent terminal, touch would make a set of suitable solution, get the favour of the XinYu intelligent.

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