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What's the difference between ARM and X86 of Industrial Mini PC?

Aug. 14, 2019

ARM and X86 are two kinds of CPU architectures. X86 is a CPU architecture dominated by Intel, mainly produced by Intel and AMD.


ARM is also the name of a company. This company does not produce CPU, but only make CPU architecture design, and then authorizes other manufacturers to produce CPU, such as Qualcomm, Samsung and other mobile phone CPUs are generally ARM architecture.


The advantage of X86 is its strong performance. At present, it is mainly used in personal PC, workstation, server and other fields. Due to the development of mobile market, Intel is also trying to expand the field of mobile terminals (smart phones, tablets). The main operating systems supported by X86 are Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.


ARM has the advantage of low power consumption. At present, it is mainly used in smartphones, tablets, etc. The mobile terminals market has promoted the development of ARM, and now it is also expanding to the server field. The main operating systems supported are Linux (such as Android), Windows (winCE, win8 RT version) and so on.


All in all, for ARM industrial mini computer and X86 industrial mini computer, due to the difference of CPU, the whole hardware platform is different.


The performance of the X86 industrial mini computer is superior to that of the general PC, which uses the operating system of the system and similar hardware. With the wide support of windows and other systems, there are many applications and flexible use.


ARM industrial mini computer, the operating system is different from the general PC, usually winCE, linux, or other customized operating system, the application is relatively not so flexible. Usually if the whole industrial mini computer is customized, its universality won't be good. But ARM is developing rapidly, and it may be a good choice in the future.


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