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10 Inch Open Frame Panel PC Android 9.0 / 7.1 / 6.0 / 5.1

Size: 7" ~ 21.5"

Touch Think industrial open-frame panel PCs can be used in a variety of applications, such as electric cabinets, ATM machines, casino machines, vending machines, and other kiosk solutions.

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8 inch industrial monitor

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15.6 inch industrial monitor

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19.1 inch industrial monitor

21.5 inch industrial monitor

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Open Frame Touchscreen Panel PCs

Touch Think open frame touchscreen panel PC with Android system, and industrial-grade motherboards provide intelligent hardware solution for industrial automation, Internet of Things projects. Deliver multi-point touch control screens, excellent for various self-service terminal equipment and industrial environments due to their reliable quality. Touch Think offers open frame tablets with a wide range of sizes, 7" to 21.5" for standard models, also support other screen sizes with massive quantity. Other customization items include high brightness, I/O interfaces, touch technologies and viewing angle, wide temperature and wide voltage operation, etc. 

Industrial Open Frame Tablets Features

● Unique universal installation design.

● Waterproof edge protection, water seepage prevention, and shock mitigation.

● Industrial grade drive board, anti-static, and anti-electromagnetic interference.

● Internal heat dissipation structure design, supporting 7*24 hours long-term uninterrupted operation.

● The surface is IP65 dust-proof and waterproof, and the whole tablet is dust-proof.

Product Details:

Open frame panel PC

It is suitable for all kinds of equipment with open back mounting. High flexibility. It can modify the counterbore structure according to the different requirements of the equipment application. The front flat panel shows a perfect embedded effect, east to clean and maintain.

Simple Installation and Support Customized Counterbore

It adopts a sheet metal frame and aluminum alloy back cover, with a smooth and flat surface, solid and durable body, good heat dissipation, compact and reasonable internal structure, compression resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, shockproof, electromagnetic interference resistance, and other functions.

Multiple I/O Interface, Support Expansion

Self-developed anti-shedding DC interface design, to prevent the interfaces' falling off and stopping power supply due to vibration, collision, and other conditions of the screens. The touch interface adopts a standard 8-bit modular RJ45 interface, with fast transmission speed, stable and accurate touch.

Heat-dissipation Design for Long-term Uninterrupted Operation

Aluminum alloy material with good heat dissipation performance, combined with the self-developed heat dissipation structure layout design, improve the heat dissipation performance to a certain degree and adopt industrial-grade components, LCD screen, drive board, the monitors keep reliable performance in the temperature of -10 ~ 60 ℃, and support stable operation in other harsh environments for a long time.

High-quality Industrial-grade Motherboard

PCB wiring design, up to EMI / EMC standard, anti-vibration protection level up to GB2423B standard, and with anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-static, anti-surge, wide temperature operation, and wide voltage characteristics.

Screen parametersScreen size10.1-inch
Aspect ratio16:10 widescreen
Gray-scale response time5ms
Panel TypeIndustrial control A style screen with TFT
Point distance


Backlight typeLED, use length≥50000h
Display color


Visual angle160/160° (178° full view angle is customizable)
Brightness 350cd/m2 (support other high brightness)
Touch-typeCapacitive/mouse control
Backlight typeLED backlight; ≥50000h
Other parametersPower consumption≤35W
Power inputAC 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Power OutputDC12V / 4A
Anti-staticContact 4KV-air 8KV (≥16KV can be customized)
Anti-vibrationGB2423 standard
Anti-interferenceEMC|EMI anti-electromagnetic interference
Dustproof and waterproofIP65 dust-proof and waterproof for the front panel 
Housing materialBlack/Silver, Aluminum Alloy
Installation methodOpen frame (Embedded, desktop, wall-mounted, VESA optional)
Relative humidity95%, Non-Condensing
Working temperature-10°C~60°C (-30°~80°C customizable)
Language menuChinese, English, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian
I/O interface parametersSignal InterfaceDVI, HDMI, VGA
Power connectorDC with ring attachment (optional DC terminal block)
Touch interfaceUSB
Other interfacesAudio input and output

Touch Think industrial LCD open frame panel PCs are widely used in multimedia, mobile telecommunications, power national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing industry, operation man-machine interface, industrial client, PLC, and POS communication, and control terminals. They also are used in public places such as banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, buses, subway stations, and parks as media (advertising) players or information-checking terminals.

Open frame Panel PCs are excellent embedded in other machines, cabinets, or install on the operating tables, man-machine display operation interfaces. They are also served as a bedside service terminal and outpatient terminal in digital hospitals, which improve the hospital services and management level.

In addition, they are also be used as home service terminals in high-end districts to achieve intercommunication, message, cost query, commodity ordering, household appliances management, temperature and humidity control, etc.

Touch Think industrial panel PCs support customization services such as logo, appearance, color, installation methods, I/O ports, high brightness, viewing angle, touchscreen types, etc.

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