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Fanless Embedded Computers Mini Size Industrial PC Android Box PC

Size: 199*158*42mm

The Android-based platform fanless box PC uses its aluminium alloy case to dissipate the heat to the air to avoid the overheating issue. And fanless design offer zero-noise during 7/24 operation under harsh environments.

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Embedded Computer

Industrial LCD is a liquid crystal display used in the industry. It has various display sizes and installation methods. Different from ordinary liquid crystal display, it can adapt to an extreme environment, stable operation, and long service life.

The main difference between civil or commercial displays is that the housing design is generally made of steel. The panel is divided into ordinary iron plates, stainless iron, aluminum panels, stainless steel, and other materials. The special design is dust-proof and shock-proof. Screen. Industrial displays are displays used in industrial control processes or equipment. The main difference between it and civilian or commercial displays is that the shell design is generally made of steel, and the panel is divided into ordinary iron plates, stainless iron, stainless steel, aluminum panels, and other materials. The special design is dustproof and shockproof. LCD screen, in the case of higher environmental requirements, considers using a wide temperature (-40 to 85 degrees) LCD screen. Only a few large foreign manufacturers now produce such displays, which are more expensive. The degree of protection of industrial displays is represented by IP **, the former is dustproof and the latter is waterproof. The dustproof level is up to 6 and the water resistance is up to 8.

Industrial monitors can be divided into the following types according to customer installation methods:

1.Open industrial display

The industrial display has no surface frame shell, only the interior. Most customers' applications are mainly in equipment and small size. There are already exquisite shells, and there is not much space to install general displays, such as ATM machines, commercial POS, etc., which are generally installed in Internal to customer equipment.

2. Embedded industrial display

Embedded computer As the name implies, he must be embedded in the customer's product. The customer's product must have a medium and large control cabinet. Our embedded computer is only the panel, and the rest is embedded in the customer's device. Use a hook to fix it (for a large control cabinet, just open a large square hole according to the size of the opening in our embedded display installation diagram). There is no need to open any mounting holes elsewhere.

3. Rack-mounted industrial display

Generally speaking, a rack-mounted industrial display is, for example, installed in a 19-inch cabinet, so its width is a standard 19-inch, and the mounting holes are opened according to the standard U number. Generally used in telecommunications, power, large servers, and other large cabinets.

4.Flip-chip industrial display

Simplified, it is reversely installed in the customer's cabinet and equipment. It is an industrial display installed inside the client machine. Unlike the open industrial display, it has a casing and a power supply, and its edge is in line with the customer's machine. The edges of the shell are coincident, and it is generally used in large and medium-sized equipment, such as power, machinery, and medical industries.

5.Wall-mounted industrial display

The feature is that it can be hung up, not only just on the wall, most of it is installed on the customer's equipment, it can adjust the angle according to the customer's requirements, and with the appropriate mounting arm, he can stay at any position at will For users to watch, generally used in small, medium and large equipment.

Touch Think fanless embedded industrial mini PCs are designed with a slim body, well-embedded into cabinets, supports multiple module customization and I/O expansion, support remote controlling and monitoring. They are reliable and stable performance in harsh environments, Manufacturing facilities, warehouse floors, forklift, and other vehicles for 7x24hrs.

Our product focuses on an embedded computer.

Touch Think Embedded Computer Description:

Generally speaking, an embedded computer is an embedded system as an application-centric computer. For embedded systems, it is based on computer technology, and the software and hardware can be tailored. It is suitable for application systems to function, reliability, cost, The special computer system with strict requirements on volume and power consumption is generally composed of four parts: embedded microprocessor, peripheral hardware equipment, embedded operating system, and user's application program.

Touch Think Embedded Computer

Characteristics of Embedded Computer:

Compared with traditional computers, the embedded computer has the following characteristics:

1. embedded computers are usually oriented to specific applications. The biggest difference between embedded CPUs and general-purpose CPUs is that most embedded CPUs work in systems designed for specific user groups. It usually has low power consumption, small size, and high integration. The tasks completed by the board are integrated into the chip, which is conducive to the miniaturization of embedded system design, greatly enhanced mobile capabilities, and increasingly tightly coupled with the network.

2. embedded computer is the product of combining computer technology, semiconductor technology, and electronic technology with the specific applications of various industries. It is a comprehensive technical discipline. Due to the relative lack of space and various resources, the hardware and software of the embedded system must be designed efficiently, tailored and removed from redundancy, and strive to achieve higher performance on the same silicon area, so that in specific applications The choice of processor is more competitive.

3. embedded computers and specific applications are organically combined, and its upgrading is also synchronized with specific products. Therefore, once embedded system products enter the market, they have a longer life cycle.

4. In order to improve the execution speed and system reliability, the software in the embedded computer is generally solidified in the memory chip or the single-chip microcomputer itself, instead of being stored in a carrier such as a magnetic disk.

5. The embedded computer itself does not have bootstrap development capability. Even after the design is completed, the user usually cannot modify the program functions in it and must have a set of development tools and environment to develop.

If you are interested in our embedded computer, pls send your requirements for us!

Embedded Computer

Touch Think Industrial Android Box PC Features:

1. Support stackable extension design, option extension kit for different applications.

2. Isolated 12 ~ 24VDC wide-range power input

3. Diversity communication extensible, such as WLAN, WWAN

4. Industrial-grade anti-vibration, shockproof.

5. Wide operating temperature support, up to -20 ~ 65 °C.

6. Storage temperature: -40~80°C.

7. CE, FCC, CB, UL, CCC Certified.

8. Working humidity: 20%-95% (relative humidity)

9. Display chip: Mali400MP2 dual-core.

10. Play mode: support loop, timing, insert, etc.

11. Network: support Ethernet, WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0, wireless peripheral expansion.

12. WIFI, BT: built-in WIFI, BT4.0 (optional)

13. Image format: support BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF.

14. USB 2.0: 2*USB HOST, 1*MICRO USB (OTG).

15. Serial port: 2-way 232 serial port, 422/485 serial port optional.

16. Decoding resolution: HDMI 4K 3840*2160.

17. Installation methods: embedded mount

Fanless Embedded Computers Optional:

Standard configuration: JWS-A64 Cortex-A53 quad-core 1.5GHz; LPDDR3 default 2G, Android 6.0


1. JWS-RK3288-I Cortex-A17 quad-core 1.8GHz; LPDDR3 default 2/4G; 8/16/32 EMMC; Android 7.1;

2. JWS-RK3399 Dual-core Cortex-A72 with 1.8GHz + Quad-core Cortex-A53 with 1.4GHz, Android 7.1/9.0.

1. Embedded Computer with Fanless Heat-dissipation design:

Fanless and no noise design, aluminum alloy material structure, improve heat dissipation efficiency.

Fanless Embedded Computers mini size industrial PC Android Box PC

2. Strong Environmental Adaptability:

Embedded computer, also named IPC, it is designed mainly used in harsh conditions, such as vibrate, dusty, electromagnetic interface environments. They are better than the normal commercial computer in terms of stability, service life, mainboard, and compatibility. Industrial PCs are widely used in manufacturing, production control, industrial automation, transportation system, etc.

Due to the harsh industrial environment, the industrial mini-computer is required to have strong environmental adaptability. It should perform perfectly under different and changing temperatures and humidity ranges. What's more, industrial mini PC should satisfy the level of dust-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-vibration. Also, with good electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference ability.

Fanless Embedded Computers mini size industrial PC Android Box PC      

Fanless Embedded Computers mini size industrial PC Android Box PC

Hardware ConfigurationCPU

JWS-A64 Cortex-A53 quad-core 1.5GHz; LPDDR3 default 2G, Android 6.0

EMMC8G EMMC (16G/32G EMMC optional)
Inner Memory1G/2G DDR3 (4G DDR3 optional)
Display ChipMali400MP2 dual-core
Operating SystemAndroid 6.0
Graphics CardIntel HD Graphics
3G/4G Module


WIFIDual-frequency 2.4/5G
Bluetooth and GPSAvailable


RTC real-time clockAvailable
Wake on LANAvailable
Interface ParametersUSB interface2*USB HOST; 1*MICRO USB(OTG)
Serial portsTwo-channel 232 serial ports, 422/485 optional
WIFI connectorWIFI antenna *1
Power interfaceDC 12V*1
HD interfaceHDMI*1
Expansion displayVGA*1
NIC interfaceRJ-45*1
Audio interfaceAudio I/O
I/O expansionAvailable
Other ParametersWorking temperature-20°C ~ 65°C
Storage temperature-40°C ~ 80°C
Ambient humidity20% - 95% (relative humidity non condensing)

Fanless industrial mini PC for a particular type of application, based on computer technology, provides software and hardware integration platform, suitable for applications which require higher reliability, cost-effective and power consumption. Fanless industrial mini PC has been widely used in the network, communications, power, ticket vending machine, rail transit, self-service terminals, medical equipment, vehicle equipment, industrial automation, machine vision, industrial robots, and other industries.

We provide OEM/ODM customization service for global customers, please feel free to contact us for details.

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