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10.1 Inch Rugged LCD Monitor Wall Mount Industrial System

Size: 10.1"

·10mm front bezel for excellent impact resistance in heavy-duty environments · working temperature range:-10°~60°C · 7*24H long time operation · Front IP65 dustproof and waterproof

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Wall-Mounted Rugged LCD Monitor For Industrial System

Model: TPC101-M4

Touch Think manufactures reliable performance touch screen display monitors to meet the client’s various needs, including signal inputs, resistive or capacitive touch screens, high bright screen, wide operation temperature, multi-viewing angles, wide voltage, etc. And more customization items that you can add or remove to fit your needs.  

All of Touch Think industrial monitors meet the needs of almost any application. They are produced for the toughest of environments with the industrial-grade motherboard, offer a wide range of sizes from 7-inch to 21.5-inch, and aspect ratios of 4:3 or 16:9.  All the monitors are tested by impact resistance, vibration resistance, extremely high and low-temperature resistance, dust-proof and waterproof certified IP65 making the industrial monitors stable performance under any industrial environment.

Touch Think Industrial Monitors Features

● High brightness, contrast, and ultra-wide viewing angle displays.

● Small Form Factor Industrial touch Panel HMIs sizes 7 inch to 23.8 inch touchscreens or non-touch.

● Support 24/7 operation under all weather conditions.

● Offer a variety of customized features to fit needs.

● Black or silver for the rugged enclosures, full of a sense of modernity.

● FCC, CE, RoHS certification approved.

● Support 3 years of after-sales service.

● Long backlight life, high-quality LCDs.

● Highly customizable to fit your industrial system requirements and applications.

Industrial Monitors - Product Model Quick Guide

ModelLCD DisplayResolutionAspect RatioTouch Screen Type
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TPC070-M-QD7"1024*60016:9Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
1024*7684:3Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC101-M410.1"1280*80016:10Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC104-M410.4"1024*7684:3Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC116-M411.6"1920*108016:9Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC120-M412"1024*7684:3Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC150-M415"1024*7684:3Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC156-M415.6"1920*108016:9Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC170-M417"1280*10245:4Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC173-M417.3"1920*108016:9Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC190-M419"1280*10245:4Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC191-M419.1"1440*90016:10Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry
TPC238-M223.8"1920*108016:9Capacitive / Resistive / Non-TouchInquiry

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Touch Think Wall Mount Industrial Monitor Display

Industrial Grade 11.6 Inch LCD Monitor 16: 9 Wide Screen LCD Monitor Display

10.1 inch industrial monitor

Rugged LCD Monitor Wall Mount Industrial System


1. How to maintain industrial display correctly?

Answer: The internal design of the industrial display is very precise. If the environment is humid, it is easy to oxidize and corrode the internal circuit, resulting in short circuits and other phenomena, which will bring huge economic losses to users. Therefore, we should try our best to keep the environment of industrial displays dry. Clean the industrial display screen correctly. Once the industrial display has been used for a long time, it is easy to absorb some dust and dirt. Cleaning up industrial display screens is inevitable.

Correct cleaning methods should be adopted when cleaning: use soft, non-fiber degreased cotton, lens paper, or soft cloth to dip a little glass detergent and gently wipe off the dust or dirt on the screen.

Screen parametersScreen size10.1 inch
Proportion16:10 widescreen
Gray-scale response time5ms
Panel Type IndustrialControl A style TFT
Point distance


Backlight typeLED, use length≥50000h
Display color


Visual angle160/160 (178° full view angle customizable)
Brightness 400cd/m2 (high brightness customizable)
Touch-typeResistive / capacitive / Mouse Control
Number of touches≥ 50 million times
Other parametersPower Supply4A External Power Adapter
Power Performance100-240V, 50-60HZ
Input voltage12-24V
Anti-staticcontact 4KV-air 8KV (can be customized ≥16KV)
Power ≤48W
Anti-vibrationGB2423 standard
Anti-interference EMC|EMI anti-electromagnetic interference
Dustproof and waterprooffront panel IP65 dustproof and waterproof
Housing MaterialBlack/Silver, Aluminum Alloy
Installation methodEmbedded, desktop, wall-mounted, cantilever
Ambient temperature<80%, non-condensable
Working temperature-10°C~60°C (customizable -30°C~80°C)
Language menuChinese, English, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian
O/I interface parametersSignal Interface DVI, HDMI, VGA
Power connectorDC with ring attachment (optional DC terminal block)
Touch interfaceUSB
Other interfacesAudio input and output

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