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Application of Android Industrial Tablet PC in Automatic Textile Machine

Aug. 07, 2019

Textile automation refers to the application of automation technology in textile industry. In textile industry, there are many processes, machines and labor intensive. It is the symbol of modern textile production to realize the automation of manual operation and product inspection, to carry out automatic detection, regulation and control of various technological parameters, and to establish an automation system of production management. Textile automation plays an important role in ensuring product quality, improving labor productivity, reducing labor intensity, avoiding environmental pollution and increasing product color. After the 1980s, computer group control and computer network combined with automation management have been established in short time. The development of textile automation has promoted the rapid development of textile industry. Modern textile automation is mainly manifested in single machine automation, production process automation, auxiliary design automation, management automation and so on.


Android Industrial Tablet Computer is a touch screen integrated tablet PC commonly used in industrial computers. Its performance is perfect and it has the performance of common commercial computers in the market. The difference lies in the internal hardware. Most of the products selected for industry are industrial grade motherboards. The difference between commercial motherboards and industrial motherboards is industrial grade boards are durable and rugged, and the product model is more stable. From this we can also see that the price of industrial motherboard is higher than commercial motherboard. Industrial demand is relatively simple and single, and performance requirements are not high, but the stability is particularly needed.


With the performance of commercial computers getting better and better, many industrial sites have begun to adopt lower-cost commercial opportunities, and the market of commercial machines has undergone tremendous changes, people began to prefer more humane touch-controlled tablets. Therefore, in the industrial field, tablet computers with touch function will be the trend of the future. Industrial touch tablet computers are also a kind of industrial computers. Compared with ordinary industrial computers, their advantages are as follows.

1. Aluminum-magnesium alloy/ABS+PC die-casting is mostly used in front panel of industrial touch tablet computer, and the front panel reaches IP65 protection level. Strong, durable and lightweight.

2. The industrial touch tablet PC is small in size and easy to install and maintain.

3. Beautiful appearance and wide application.

4. According to CPU architecture, it can be divided into X86 architecture (not much different from ordinary PC, mainly based on XP system) and ARM architecture (mainly based on Microsoft's embedded system WinCE, of course, Android, Linux system).

5. The industrial touch-controlled tablet computer is the structure of an integrated computer, which integrates the host computer, LCD and touch screen, and has good stability.

6. Using the popular touch function can simplify the work, make it more convenient and quick, and make it more humane.

7. Most industrial touch tablets are fan-free and heat dissipation using large fin-shaped aluminium blocks. They consume less power and have less noise.


Touch Think industrial tablet PC with Android system is widely used in the process of dipping, rolling, stretching and loosening drying of knitted fabrics on textile machines. Industrial tablet computers have high output and low energy consumption on textile machines. Knitted fabrics shrink freely in all directions during processing, with low shrinkage, soft and fluffy touching.


The industrial tablet computer is used in textile machine. High level of requirement of humidity, temperature and corrosion resistance of environment. Large-scale equipment requires that the process flow chart of the whole equipment can be displayed on one screen. Touch Think Android industrial all-in-one tablet PC designed with protection level IP65 (front panel), working environment temperature-10-60°C, working environment humidity 10-90% RH. They are perform perfect in harsh environments. And according to the parameters of the PLC display different process state action, using graphics mobile control, freely move on the screen according to the requirements. Animation control production is simple, concisely realize the process of monitoring configuration.


Features of Touch Think Android Industrial Tablet Computers:


7~21.5" LED Android industrial tablet computer shell material is made of aluminum alloy materials, which is light in weight and anti-oxidation, elegant in appearance. Industrial design has the characteristics of ruggedness, moisture-proof, dust-proof, heat-resistant, multi-slot and easy expansion. It is an application platform for various industrial control, traffic control, environmental protection control, industrial medical and other automation fields. The whole machine is equipped with wide temperature and high brightness LED LCD display. It integrates industrial-grade low-power embedded motherboard, supports SD expansion, has multiple I/O interfaces, adopts high quality industrial capacitance touch screen to support multi-touch, and the LED display screen with standby energy-saving mode. Touch Think industrial all-in-one PCs  are widely used in industrial automation production, environmental protection monitoring system, intelligent factory, intelligent warehouse, intelligent transportation, intelligent farming, intelligent building, instruments, medical equipment, electrical equipment, computer room monitoring system, intelligent parking lot and other industrial 4.0Internet of Things fields. 

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