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How to Choose the MES System That Fits Your Company?

May. 24, 2023

Choosing the right Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for your company is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Here are some steps to help you choose an MES system that fits your company:


11.6" MES Hardware Terminals

  • Assess your requirements: Begin by understanding your company's specific needs, goals, and challenges. Identify the key areas where an MES system can make a difference, such as production scheduling, inventory management, quality control, or data analysis. Consider factors such as your production volume, product complexity, regulatory compliance requirements, and any unique processes or industry-specific considerations.


  • Involve stakeholders: Engage relevant stakeholders from different departments, including production, operations, IT, quality assurance, and management. Gather their inputs and insights regarding their specific requirements, pain points, and expectations from an MES system. This collaboration will help ensure that the chosen system meets the needs of all departments and facilitates cross-functional alignment.


  • Research available options: Explore the market to identify MES systems that align with your requirements. Consult industry publications, attend trade shows, and seek recommendations from industry peers or consultants. Create a shortlist of potential vendors or systems based on their reputation, track record, functionality, scalability, and compatibility with your existing IT infrastructure.

    C-Series MES Hardware Terminals with NFC/QR Code Scanning

 C-Series MES Hardware Terminals with NFC/QR Code Scanning

  • Evaluate system features: Once you have a shortlist, evaluate the features and capabilities of each MES system. Consider factors such as real-time data collection and analysis, production monitoring, quality control, traceability, reporting and analytics, integration with other enterprise systems (such as ERP or SCADA), user interface and ease of use, scalability, and flexibility for customization. Prioritize features based on their importance to your company's operations.


  • Conduct vendor assessments: Engage with the shortlisted vendors to get more information about their systems and to assess their suitability for your company. Request product demonstrations, case studies, and references from existing customers. Evaluate the vendor's experience, industry expertise, implementation methodology, training and support services, and long-term commitment to product development and innovation. Consider the vendor's financial stability and their ability to meet your ongoing support and upgrade requirements.


  • Pilot or proof of concept: If feasible, consider running a pilot or proof of concept (POC) with a select few MES systems. This allows you to assess how well the system performs in your specific environment and enables you to gather feedback from end-users. During the pilot, evaluate the system's ease of implementation, user acceptance, performance, and the vendor's responsiveness to issues or customization requests.


 10.1" MES Hardware Terminals

  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis: Evaluate the total cost of ownership for each MES system under consideration. This includes not only the upfront costs but also ongoing maintenance, support, training, and any additional expenses related to customization, system upgrades, or future scalability. Consider the return on investment (ROI) that the system can deliver based on anticipated improvements in productivity, quality, and operational efficiency.


  • Final decision and implementation: Based on the evaluation and analysis, select the MES system that best aligns with your company's requirements, budget, and long-term strategy. Once the decision is made, work closely with the chosen vendor to plan and execute the implementation process. Define clear project milestones, establish a dedicated implementation team, and ensure proper training and change management processes are in place to maximize the system's adoption and success.


Remember, choosing the right MES system is a strategic decision that requires a thorough evaluation of your company's unique needs and goals. By involving stakeholders, conducting thorough research, and following a structured selection process, you can increase the likelihood of selecting an MES system that fits your company and contributes to its success.

For more information on improving your manufacturing processes with Manufacturing Execution System (MES), please contact Touch Think by e-mail touchtec@sztouchtec.com.

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