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How Will Vehicle Computer and Monitor Be in the Future

Nov. 09, 2021

LCD monitors, with their high performance ratio and low cost, are increasingly used in automotive configurations and have become the mainstream of displays for in-vehicle AV systems and in-vehicle navigation systems. With the development of artificial intelligence, Vehicle mounted monitor content will continue to be enriched.

At present, the central control area of the car is still dominated by the traditional structure of the physical buttons, some cars in the high version of the use of touch screen, but the touch function is still in the early stages, can only play a role with the use, most of the functions or through the physical buttons to achieve. Such a design concept largely limits the interior design, low space utilization, hindering the front row of the ride space. At the same time, the center control needs to set up corresponding functional areas, such as the center control screen, air conditioning area, vehicle control area, etc., which will complicate the center control area and is not conducive to user operation. Users must find the appropriate button to operate among the many buttons, and must also adapt to the center control button arrangement of different models.

10.1 Vehicle Mount LCD Monitors Vehicle Touch Displays

Car computer is a product of historical development. It is a microcomputer car product that integrates the functions of entertainment, communication and car condition. Its intelligence is mainly reflected in the following major functions.

The more popular communication function, namely GPRS and GPS (satellite navigation system). If you forget to bring your cell phone, the car display provides you with the phone function. With a satellite navigation system, the car can receive communication information from traffic satellites to determine the car's location, thus automatically providing the optimal driving route.

A car condition control system has been added to the on-board computer. It can detect the distance of obstacles through the radar system, so as to control the speed of the car and inform the driver of the situation of obstacles in front or behind, which greatly improves the safety of car driving.

The car computer has unlimited expandability, and all the functions of personal computer can be applied to the car. This kind of intelligent product of the car has an epoch-making significance.

Future development trend

Compared with the consumer electronics touch screen, automotive touch screen should have the following characteristics: touch screen large size; support multi-touch; with high reliability; with high durability.

Among them, the large size and multi-touch is mainly to meet the user experience, which is the same as the trend of consumer electronics, at the same time, the automotive field of touch screens put forward higher requirements, need to have high reliability and high durability. These features focus on the specific requirements of the automotive field for the central touch screen.

Car with touch function screen has also become the mainstream, automotive panels 2-digit annual growth, the market potential is amazing, will become the LCD screen three mainstream market. In order to cope with this trend, panel manufacturers in the field of automotive display to develop new technologies to occupy a favorable market position.

In the future, large size, high-definition multi-function integrated car touch panel will become a standard, high refinement display quality, high brightness, large size, wide viewing angle, thin, lightweight, high reliability, low power consumption, etc. will become the future development trend of car display, while the need for car panels can be affected by the driving environment and outdoor bright light, high temperature, resistive or capacitive touch screen car navigator anti-interference ability.

Transportation Panel PC Windows Vehicle Mounted Touch Computers

TOUCHTHINK's industrial car computer is suitable for intelligent warehouses, heavy trucks, mining vehicles, public transportation environment. It has a sturdy, high-strength aluminum alloy housing that is resistant to high and low temperatures, corrosion and shock, and it uses a long-life LED-backlit industrial control screen to present high-quality images for outdoor heavy-duty environments. If you are looking for a reliable improvement for your heavy duty work vehicle, please contact us to purchase the right display for a great cab experience.

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