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What is The Difference Between an Industrial Computer Integrated Machine and An Ordinary Tablet Computer?

Feb. 24, 2021

An industrial computer is a ruggedized and enhanced personal computer, which can be used as an industrial controller to operate reliably in an industrial environment. The touch screen can be used as the input and display unit of the industrial computer, and the Industrial Computer Touch Screen is also integrated, which is a screen but also has the functions of an industrial computer.

Industrial control all-in-one computers have become a typical representative of human-computer interaction, which can be seen everywhere, and are currently widely used in municipalities, financial institutions, public places and other places. After years of demonstrations, the industrial computer integrated machine industry has undergone major changes in its application fields and application levels. With the advancement of IT technology, it is gradually extending from traditional industrial fields to other vertical applications such as medical care, transportation, and self-service terminals. So, what is the difference between an industrial computer integrated machine and an ordinary Commercial Tablet Computer?

Industrial Computer Touch Screen

Industrial Computer Touch Screen

1. Different components used

The internal components of ordinary commercial computers only need to meet general requirements, but the service life will be relatively short. The industrial computer integrated machine has relatively high requirements for quality and stability, and it must be ensured that the industrial integrated computer can be used normally under harsh conditions.

2. The life of the motherboard is different

The internal hardware of ordinary commercial computers can be updated quickly, so ordinary commercial-grade motherboards only have a life span of six months to one year. The motherboard of the industrial computer integrated computer can reach a lifespan of 5 years under normal use.

3. Different reliability

Due to the market positioning of ordinary commercial tablets, their products will generally only be CCC certification required for electronic products, and civil-level electromagnetic compatibility certification; industrial all-in-one manufacturers are mainly aimed at the industrial market, and industrial-grade products have relative requirements for quality and stability. More stringent, CCC, vibration, drop, high temperature and other industrial requirements will be tested before each product goes on the market. Due to different market positioning, authentication methods and testing methods are different.

4. Different management

Ordinary commercial tablets only provide the simplest remote management. In addition to providing similar remote management, the industrial control integrated machine can also realize remote unattended automatic switch machine function.

5. Different degree of customization

Once the ordinary commercial tablet is produced, it cannot be changed at will, but the industrial all-in-one manufacturer, its industrial-grade motherboard can flexibly meet the individual needs of some customers. Can realize user customization. More perfectly match the customer's demand environment.

6. Different protection functions

Commercial tablets provide simple protection functions such as dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and anti-aging, or no protection functions; industrial control integrated computers are used in harsh environments all year round, so the requirements for dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and anti-aging are very high. In the case of abnormal conditions such as crashes, the watchdog can automatically restart, anti-surge and other functions, so as to ensure the high stability of the system in harsh environments.

7. Different working temperature

Commercial tablets can basically only be used in an external environment between 5 degrees and 38 degrees; while industrial all-in-one manufacturers use a wide temperature design, with a temperature range of -30 degrees to 70 degrees, and can be customized to meet extreme temperatures. client needs.

Industrial Tablet PC is an all-in-one machine that integrates host, LCD display, and touch screen. It has the performance of common commercial computers, but also has earthquake-resistant, waterproof, cold and heat-resistant, compact and beautiful hardware. The industrial motherboard is not mass-produced and the price is higher than commercial tablets. The computer is higher. In terms of improving the level of industrial automation, production efficiency and technical level, controlling and improving product quality, and accelerating the pace of economic transformation and upgrading, all-in-one industrial computers have a pivotal position.

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