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Characteristics of Embedded Computer

Sep. 22, 2020

Compared with traditional computers, the embedded computer has the following characteristics:

1. embedded computers are usually oriented to specific applications. The biggest difference between embedded CPUs and general-purpose CPUs is that most embedded CPUs work in systems designed for specific user groups. It usually has low power consumption, small size, and high integration. The tasks completed by the board are integrated into the chip, which is conducive to the miniaturization of embedded system design, greatly enhanced mobile capabilities, and increasingly tightly coupled with the network.

2. embedded computer is the product of combining computer technology, semiconductor technology, and electronic technology with the specific applications of various industries. It is a comprehensive technical discipline. Due to the relative lack of space and various resources, the hardware and software of the embedded system must be designed efficiently, tailored, and removed from redundancy, and strive to achieve higher performance on the same silicon area, so that in specific applications The choice of processor is more competitive.

3. embedded computers and specific applications are organically combined, and its upgrading is also synchronized with specific products. Therefore, once embedded system products enter the market, they have a longer life cycle.

4. In order to improve the execution speed and system reliability, the software in the embedded computer is generally solidified in the memory chip or the single-chip microcomputer itself, instead of being stored in a carrier such as a magnetic disk.

5. The embedded computer itself does not have bootstrap development capability. Even after the design is completed, the user usually cannot modify the program functions in it and must have a set of development tools and environment to develop.

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