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Industrial Monitor Capacitive Multi Touch Screen 10.1 Inch

Size: 10.1"

Touch Think multi-touch industrial projected capacitive 10.1 Inch touch screen monitor with VGA input, provides excellent performance in wide operating temperature.

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Industrial Monitor Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen 10.1"

Model: TPC101-M21

Touch Think industrial monitors deliver the newest LCD flat panel technology for industrial environments. Multi-touch capacitive touch screen industrial monitor is perfectly suited for kinds of special environments such as automation, monitoring, and remoting areas.

Advantages of Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor: Capacitive touch screen: It is electrostatic induction, such as the commonly used mobile phone touch screen belongs to capacitive touch mode.

Touch Think Industrial Monitors Features

• Adopts to A+ grade TFT LCD for the industrial monitors.

• Variety of interfaces: VGA, HDMI, DVI, support I/O expansion.

• Multi-point capacitive touch screen, easy and accurate to operation, long service life.

• True-flat panel monitor, easy to clean and maintain the front surface display with such edge-to-edge design.

• This industrial monitor leaves installation holes on the rear of the monitor, to meet clients' variety of installation methods.

• Fully-enclosed seamless front panel, IP65 rated dustproof & waterproof, suitable for harsh industrial environments.

• Industrial LCD monitor support multi installation methods: panel mount, embedded mount, wall-mounted, desktop, etc.

• Anti-vibration: GB2423 standards compliance; adopts EVA shockproof material, suitable for industrial automation.

• The industrial display is designed with fully-enclosed dust-proof with industrial sponge strip, durable and easy to clean and maintain.

• All the inner electronics components are well-protected, which prolongs the span life of the industrial monitor.

• All Touch Think industrial monitors are produced with CE, RoHS, FCC compliance.

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Touch Think Industrial Touch Screen Monitors

Industrial Monitor Capacitive Multi Touch Screen 10.1 Inch

Industrial Monitor Capacitive Multi Touch Screen 10.1 Inch

Industrial Monitor Capacitive Multi Touch Screen 10.1 Inch

Industrial Monitor Capacitive Multi Touch Screen 10.1"

Industrial Monitor Capacitive Multi Touch Screen 10.1 Inch

Industrial Monitor Capacitive Multi Touch Screen 10.1 Inch

Screen parametersScreen size10.1 inch
Proportion16:10 widescreen
Gray-scale response time5ms
Panel Type IndustrialControl A style TFT
Point distance


Backlight typeLED, service life ≥50000h
Display color


Visual angle160°/160° (178° full view angle for optional)
Brightness 400cd/m2 (high brightness customizable)
Touch-typecapacitive (Resistive / mouse control for optional)
Number of touches≥ 50 million times
Other parametersPower Supply4A External Power Adapter
Power Performance100-240V, 50-60HZ
Input voltage12-24V
Anti-staticContact 4KV-air 8KV (can be customized ≥16KV)
Anti-vibrationGB2423 standard
Anti-interferenceEMC|EMI anti-electromagnetic interference
Dustproof and waterproofFront panel IP65 dustproof and waterproof
Housing MaterialBlack/Silver, Aluminum Alloy
Installation methodEmbedded, desktop, wall-mounted, VESA, panel mount, open frame.
Ambient temperature<80%, non-condensable
Working temperature-10°C~60°C (customizable -30°C~80°C)
Language menuChinese, English, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian
O/I interface parametersSignal InterfaceDVI, HDMI, VGA
Power connectorDC with ring attachment (optional DC terminal block)
Touch interfaceUSB
Other interfacesAudio input and output

Touch Think industrial Monitors are widely used in the following fields:

1. Industrial field control display;

2. Embedded in various devices as display devices;

3. As a display device in the host of telecommunications and network rooms;

4. Monitors for trains, subway stations, and ports;

5. Vehicle-mounted displays on train, subway, car;

6. Rugged or military standard displays are generally used in harsh outdoor environments, military vehicles, and warships;

7. Embedded into the advertising machine, which is widely applied to elevators, public places, and commercial office buildings of living quarters.

Screen Customization

1. High-light screen: default with 400cd/m2, support customization up to 1500cd/m2.

2. Photosensitive head: support screen brightness automatically adjust based on ambient light.

3. Screen viewing angle: default with 160°, but all perspectives 178° WVA can be customized.

4. Touch screen: support resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, IR touch screen, and non-touchscreen.

5. High-resolution screen: higher resolution than standard LCD screen can be customized.

6. Screen size: standard display size range is 7 inch to 21.5 inch, other size is available.

7. Others: explosion-proof, anti-glare, dust-proof, water-proof, electromagnetic screen.

Other Customization Items

1. Appearance customization: support appearance and product color design, sample customization.

2. Working temperature: standard temp is -20~+70°C, support wide working temp: -30~+80°C.

3. LOGO customization.

4. System software: compatible with all software requirements.

5. I/O ports customization: support adding more ports according to your demands.

6. Wide voltage: 12V-24V.

7. Special materials: the monitors are made from aluminum alloy by default, other materials are available.

8. IP protection rating: front IP65 protection level by default, full-sealed dust-proof and waterproof can be customized.

9. Installation methods: support different installation methods for different applications.

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