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How To Solve Error Codes Problems of Industrial Mini PC Port?

Apr. 08, 2020

Have you ever have such experience ? The serial port of industrial mini PC can send data normally, but the received data will always be garbled. Every time half an hour after sending, the received data gradually becomes normal again. At first, I thought it was caused by the main board, but I didn't solve it after I changed the main board. After the technical stuff came to the site for maintenance, inspection and analysis, the problem was solved. So what is the solution to the data garbled received by the serial port of industrial computer? Let's take a look at it.


Fault phenomenon: the data sent by the board connected with 232 serial port is normal, and the received data was garbled code.



1. Firstly, determine the communication mode (232, 422 or 485).

2. See if the definition is connected correctly.

3. Check whether RXD and TXD are connected interactively.

4. Check whether serial number is occupied by other programs.

5. Check whether baud rate, parity, stop bit, etc. are set correctly.

6. Check whether there is interference signal, especially some high-frequency signal and electromagnetic signal analog signal,. etc.

7. Maybe the serial debugging assistant cannot be used. You can try other serial debugging assistant software.

8. Check whether the total GND of the transceiver is the same. If the GND is different and the reference level is different, it is probably wrong.

9. If the communication is normal and only the received data is in disorder, it is generally a problem of check bit. You can set it to even parity.

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How To Solve Error Codes Problems of Industrial Mini PC Port?How To Solve Error Codes Problems of Industrial Mini PC Port?

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