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Feb. 20, 2020

The hardware of the industrial computer constitutes the equipment foundation of the industrial computer system. In order to realize the computer control of the production process, the corresponding computer software must be provided for the hardware to realize the control task. Software is the program system of industrial tablet computer, which can be divided into three parts: system software, tool software and application software.


1. System software: It is used to manage the resources of industrial tablet and provide services to users by a simple form. It includes real-time multitask operating system, bootstrapper and scheduling executor. In addition to the real-time multitasking operating system, MS-DOS, especially windows software, are often used.


2. Tool software: it is the auxiliary software for technical stuff to engage in software development, including assembly language, high-level language, compiler program, editor program, debugging program, diagnostic program and other process input and output programs.


3. Application software: application software is a control and management program prepared by the system designer for a production process. Generally, it includes process control program, human-machine interface program, print display program and public subprogram. With the development of hardware technology, the computer control system puts forward higher requirements for software. Only when the software and hardware cooperate with each other, can the advantages of industrial computer be brought into play and a computer control system with higher performance in price and quality be developed. At present, industrial control software is developing towards configuration and structure.

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