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Analysis of Various Touch Technologies of Industrial Tablet

Feb. 26, 2020

Industrial tablet PC integrates host computer, display and touch screen. It has the characteristics of good stability, high reliability and strong expandability. It is widely used in self-service terminals, medical instruments, industrial control, automation equipment, telecommunications, power, network, and rail transit And other fields. The following Industrial Touchscreen Monitor Manufacturer introduces various touch technologies of industrial tablet PC.

1.Coordinate system

The touch screen of an industrial tablet computer uses an absolute coordinate system, and you can click where you want. The essential difference with a mouse-based relative positioning system is that it is intuitive once in place, and the feature is that each positioning coordinate is not related to the previous positioning coordinate. The data of each touch of the industrial tablet computer is converted to the coordinates on the screen through calibration. It is required that the output data of the same point of the industrial tablet computer touch screen is stable. If unstable, absolute coordinate positioning cannot be guaranteed.

2. Orientation system

Industrial Tablet PC commonly used touch screens include capacitive touch screens, resistive touch screens, infrared touch screens, etc. Different touch screens have different operating environments and different orientation systems.

The resistive touch screen implements touch control through the principle of pressure sensing. The advantage is that the resistive touch screen works in an environment completely isolated from the outside world. It is not afraid of dust, water vapor and oil pollution, and can be touched with any object, which is more suitable for industrial control applications. The disadvantage is that because the outer layer of the composite film is made of plastic, touching it with too much force or using a sharp tool may scratch the touch screen.

Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor uses the human body's current sensing to achieve the touch function. The advantage is that it supports multi-touch and high sensitivity. The disadvantage is that the capacitance changes with temperature, humidity, or grounding conditions, so its stability is poor, and drift will often occur. Afraid of electromagnetic field interference and drift, not easy to use in industrial control places and places with interference.

Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor

Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor

The infrared touch screen is to form an infrared detection network on the screen surface, and realize the touch function by blocking the infrared rays on the screen with an object. The advantage is that not only the finger can be used to implement the touch function, but other objects that can block infrared rays can also implement the touch function. The disadvantage is that it is susceptible to light interference from strong infrared rays, incandescent lamps, and the like.

3. Application occasions

Resistive touch industrial tablet is suitable for public places with fixed users, such as industrial control sites, rail transit, power, medical equipment, etc. The capacitive touch industrial tablet is suitable for public information query with high user experience. Infrared touch is suitable for all kinds of public places without infrared and interference and industrial control sites that are not very precise.

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