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Industrial Internet is not simply "Industrial Automation + Internet"

Oct. 09, 2019

Industrial Internet is becoming more and more popular, which represents a universal method of opening, sharing and exchanging industrial data. The emergence of industrial Internet is not simply "industrial automation + internet", but a tool or method to achieve deep integration of industrialization.

What is the core value of industrial Internet?

The core of realizing its value lies in improving the production capacity of enterprises (increasing the output, the rate of good products, reducing the rate of inferior products, etc.) and reducing the cost of production, operation and maintenance of enterprises.


Through the complete acquisition and analysis of the field data of industrial Internet of Things, it provides various kinds of Internet of Things application services from basic to advanced for manufacturing enterprises.


Industrial Internet is in the ascendant

How to manage industrial field data?

In the industrial field, there are hundreds of different kinds of industrial equipment. These devices, through more kinds of communication protocols and industrial buses, provide external data communication services with different physical interfaces and transmission parameters.


To complete the core foundation of industrial Internet on the industrial site side, we will face a very complex scenario. This scenario is so complex that no enterprise or company can guarantee 100% complete acquisition and management of industrial site data.


At present, the large data analysis tools and modeling tools of industrial Internet in the market are designed and implemented from the perspective of IT industry experts, so the entry threshold of these tools is undoubtedly a little higher for process experts of production line.


In order to enhance the intelligence of factories, especially a certain production line, the ultimate voice and decision-making power are often in the hands of industry experts in this field. Only these experts can acutely discover the law behind the field data, and find out the highly valuable production line intelligence promotion strategy.


If we can carry out deep cultivation in this field and complete the product and service of key technologies in this sector, it means bringing a very broad new world for the enterprise.


A Survey of the Ecology of the Industrial Internet Industry


The Key to Realizing Industrial Intelligence


Industrial field technology, represented by industrial automation technology, is a high security, high real-time, process-oriented closed system.


In the process of its operation, besides the key data related to human-computer interaction and process control will be recorded and stored, a large number of process data will only be used as the basis for judging the effectiveness of each production link in each control cycle. After the cycle of each control cycle is completed, these data will be replaced by new process data, but will not be retained.


However, after entering the era of intelligent manufacturing, more and more experts have realized that if these process data which were "read and burned" in the past can be accumulated continuously, it will become the key to realize industrial intellectualization.


The development of industrial Internet market will undoubtedly usher in a new stage


Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing Will Inevitably Enter Industrial Internet


Industrial intelligent manufacturing can be divided into three parts: digitalization, numeralization and intellectualization.


1. Digitalization: The production line is changed from old-fashioned manual operation to semi-automatic/full-automatic production line with automatic system control.


2. Numerization: Numerization and visualization of key data in production links, and connection with management systems such as MES and ERP to achieve transparency, visualization and quantification of production management.


3. Intelligence: Based on the accumulation and analysis of mass production process data and operation and maintenance process data, the strategy of optimizing and upgrading different links of production line can be obtained, and the effect of "load reduction and efficiency enhancement" can be further achieved above the limit of automation system.


When industrial intelligent manufacturing enters the stage of intellectualization, pure OT technology and IT technology can no longer meet its needs of intellectualization. Industrial Internet is almost the "best partner" tailored for the latest stage of industrial intelligent manufacturing.

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