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Manufacturing Industry Is Rapidly Transforming To Intellectualization Under Industrial Control 4.0

Oct. 10, 2019

The General Office of the State Council issued "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Circulation and Promoting Commercial Consumption", encouraging the expansion of green intelligent consumption, encouraging the use of modern information technologies such as big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, etc., and pointing out that enterprises should comply with the trend of business change and consumption upgrading.


As early as 2013, Germany put forward the concept of industry 4.0, and in 2015, China also issued "Made in China 2025", docking the concept of industry 4.0. Now and in the future, manufacturing industry is rapidly transforming to intellectualization. Today, China and Germany have entered a new era of industrial 4.0, and China's manufacturing industry is developing rapidly and steadily. Major enterprises have followed the trend of layout one after another, hoping to gain more market share and dividends in the industrial age of 4.0.


Among them, artificial intelligence is the core driving force of the new round of industrial change, which provides strong technical support for the upgrading of industrial structure. It is also blending with all walks of life at a rapid pace, as is the case in the car-washing industry.


In the tremendous wave of consumption upgrading, traditional backward industries will inevitably need to accept upgraded and changed. Generally speaking, the traditional car washing industry needs a lot of water resources and manpower costs, which are time-consuming and increasingly expensive. It becomes a burden for both consumers and operators. As a result, intelligent car washers are becoming a new trend, with a strong attitude on the impact of traditional car washing methods. Data show that car ownership is increasing every year, and the existing car washing service can not meet the growing demand for car washing.


So we generally have to wait to wash the car, plus the time it takes to wash the car, on average, it takes at least one hour to complete the car washing and cleaning. For adults, it is undoubtedly a high cost of time consumption.


Intelligent car washer applies the mode of "Internet + Manufacturing Industry" and uses artificial intelligence instead of manual car washer to finish car body cleaning. On the one hand, it saves manpower, on the other hand, it greatly improves the efficiency of car washing, and reduces the average half-hour car washing time to 5 minutes. A variety of intelligent systems ensure that the car washer can run without injuring the car. For example, some intelligent car washer is equipped with intelligent induction system, AI artificial intelligence system, ITU data platform and other intelligent systems.


When the car washer works, the control system uses current sensors to control the brush's trajectory. When the brush touches the car body, the current sensor will send the current signal to the CPU to process and control the distance between the brush and the body. In addition, it can also intelligently identify the vehicle type, judge the vehicle trajectory and so on, so as to ensure that the car body will not be damaged due to operation during the car washing process.


With the development of artificial intelligence, automatic car washing has become a mature technology. Intelligent car washing machine will inevitably become popular with the development of technology, policy and economy. It will not only save a lot of resources, but also promote low-value-added labor like car washing to complete labor upgrading. It can be said that the next car wash market will be replaced by intelligent car washers.


Touch Think products are well-applied in this fields, such the industrial monitors can be used in the 7/24 unmanned car-washing station; industrial all in one panel PCs can be equipped in the car washing robots for showing related information (vehicle type, price, service details, QR, etc.); Industrial Mini PCs can be used as the CPU control system to operate the whole intelligent system.

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