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Factors Affecting the Development of Industrial Panel PC Industry

Jul. 06, 2021

Currently, industrial automation is booming. As a typical connection between traditional industry and industrial automation, Industrial Tablet PC has become an indispensable configuration in industrial automation system, providing powerful technical support for industrial automation. As the mainstream equipment of industrial automation, the future industrial tablet PC will be optimized and upgraded in appearance, logic and application, and develop in the direction of embedded, branding, intelligence, informationization and humanization. The industrial panel PC industry has good prospects for development.

At the same time, there are many problems in the industrial panel PC industry, such as the manufacturing standard of industrial panel PC is not standardized. This is mainly due to the lack of a standard framework for industrial flat panel computers, resulting in poor logic throughout the industrial flat panel computers. The technical level of industrial tablet manufacturing reflects the development level of the new industrial era. There is still a large gap in hardware and technology to match the development of industrial panel PCs. Production standards vary from one industrial panel PC manufacturer to another.

Industrial Tablet PC

Industrial Tablet PC

Another problem facing the Industrial Touch Screen Panel PC industry is that the existing industrial Internet architecture system is not yet complete. Internet of things and industrial Internet is a powerful carrier for the development of industrial automation. As the basis for connecting industrial automation hardware and carriers, industrial tablet PCs have penetrated into other fields including industrial automation. Industrial tablet PCs must operate stably in various heterogeneous networks, which is a problem that needs to be solved in the future.

The heterogeneous networks that industrial panel PCs have to deal with include wireless communication networks with different communication distances and different communication protocols and wired networks based on TCP/IP protocols. And the content of communication protocols between heterogeneous networks is also very different. Once the heterogeneous network communication problem occurs, the industrial panel PC will be limited to handle industrial big data. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the transmission mechanism of industrial panel PCs in heterogeneous network gateways and establish a unified industrial Internet architecture.

To achieve a new breakthrough in the industrial panel PC industry, we must properly handle the relationship between traditional industries and "Internet + manufacturing". The existence of industrial tablet PCs as a new type of production relationship represents the recognition of the innovative development of "Internet + manufacturing", but the current management system is still industrialized development ideas, which is not conducive to industrial development. Tablet PC industry.

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