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Precautions for Transportation of Industrial Display Products

Jan. 22, 2020

Due to the large number of industrial displays each time, there are some things to pay attention to during transportation to avoid damage to the goods. The Embedded Computer Manufacturer introduces the precautions of industrial display products during transportation!

First, transportation damage treatment

1. To ensure that the goods received are accurate and undamaged, please open the package to inspect the goods in the presence of the delivery person.

2. If the goods you received are damaged due to improper transportation, you have the right to claim compensation from the transportation company. Keep the goods, packing materials and accessories of the goods intact, and contact the purchaser in time.

Second, the storage of the display

If it needs to be stored for a long time (such as several years) for some reason, we recommend the following methods:

1. Put in a polyethylene pocket (preferably with an antistatic coating) and seal the mouth.

2. Place in a dark place to avoid strong light.

3. Never put anything on the surface.

4. Strictly avoid storing in environments exceeding the extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

Third, matters needing attention

1. Make sure the cables are removed and plugged in with the power off.

2. In order to ensure the stability and safety of the electrical part, the interval between each turn-on and turn-off must not be less than 6 seconds.

3. Industrial LCD screens are fragile glass products; any drops, knocks, and strong vibrations may cause the glass to crack; it is forbidden to press the display area of the LCD screen with force; do not press the LCD screen and frame with force during installation; pay attention to the entire LCD screen Flatness, to avoid the LCD screen from “bending” and “distorting” due to external forces.

4. As the visual characteristics of the LCD screen will change due to different viewing angles, the user should fully consider the appropriate viewing angle when assembling and adjust the optimal viewing angle position of the LCD screen.

5. During use or storage, be careful of the surface polarizer of the LCD screen to avoid being scratched by hard objects. (Do not place hard objects on the LCD screen)

6.In the Industrial Monitor drive circuit, the inverter part has high voltage. Please avoid contact during operation to avoid unnecessary damage.

7. The LCD screen operates and stores below the specified temperature and temperature range, which may cause liquid crystal crystallization and cause irrecoverable damage. If the LCD screen is operated and stored above the specified temperature and temperature range, the LCD may become Isotropic liquids are thus unable to restore the liquid crystal state. Please save and use within the allowable temperature range of this display (see the parameters provided in the performance index column for details)

8. The product is a wide voltage DC input, suitable for DC 12V switching power supply. (If using a voltage input below 12V, the display brightness may be reduced)

Fourth, common problems and solutions

1. Black screen: After turning on the power, if you find a black screen, disconnect the power immediately. First check whether the output of the power supply is normal. The normal power supply voltage is DC + 12v ± 2. The polarity of the power supply is correct. The input and output connections of the inverter are in good contact. The inverter output has a high voltage of about 400V. Please do not directly touch it with your hands to avoid danger.

2. White screen: The LCD screen is all white, please disconnect the power. Check whether each line of the external interface is correctly connected, and whether the screen line is loose, tilted or detached. Plug the screen cable back in, and then power it on again.

The above are the precautions for the transportation of industrial display products introduced by Flat Panel Display Factory. Hope to help everyone.

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