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What Should Be Noticed When Using Industrial Displays?

Jan. 15, 2020

Many customers have asked us how to maintain the monitor during normal use after purchasing an industrial display on our side. Now The Embedded Panel PC Supplier will explain it from the several aspects.

Because of the current technical limitations and the impact of the equipment's use environment, industrial displays cannot be used normally if they are interfered by water droplets, dust, temperature differences, etc. Therefore, the industrial display screen requires regular maintenance and maintenance. Everyone knows that industrial displays need to be cleaned regularly, but also pay attention to various cleaning matters. First, we will explain the handling of cleaning problems of industrial displays.

You can use a soft cloth dampened with a little water to gently wipe it off. Remember not to spill water directly on the display surface, because water entering the LCD will cause a short circuit on the screen. To clean the display, first make sure that the LCD display is turned off, and secondly, be careful not to spray any liquid directly on the screen or chassis.

To clean the screen:

1. Wipe the screen with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust and other particles.

2. If it is not clean, pour a small amount of nitrogen-free, alcohol-free glass cleaner on a clean, soft, lint-free cloth, and then wipe the screen.

The main methods for cleaning the chassis are:

1. Wipe the case with a soft, dry cloth.

2. If it is still not clean, pour a small amount of ammonia and alcohol-free soft non-abrasive cleaner on a clean, soft and lint-free cloth, and then wipe the surface.

In addition, because the Industrial Touch Panel PC is a highly integrated touch all-in-one with a variety of electronic components, you need to pay attention to the following issues when using and maintaining:

(1) Before starting the machine, ensure that the screen of the industrial display is clean. Wipe the screen with a soft dry cloth;

(2) Drops of water or drinks on the industrial touch display screen will disturb the touch program, because water drops and fingers have similar characteristics, and the water drops need to be wiped dry;

(3) A small amount of dust will not cause an error response to the industrial display controller, but too much dust will reduce the sensitivity and screen recognition of the touch screen. Be sure to wipe the screen clean with a dry cloth;

(4) After using for a period of time, dirty fingerprints and oil stains on the Industrial Monitor can be scrubbed with glass cleaner;

(5) Strictly follow the procedures when turning on and off the power. It should be noted that turning on and off the power should be performed in the reverse order;

(6) During the operation of the industrial display, a large number of temporary files are generated on the hard disk. If you frequently fail to power off or shut down the Windows system before shutting down, it is easy to cause hard disk errors.

(7) The current mainstream industrial display touch screen programs do not have a mouse cursor, because the blinking of the cursor will distract the user's attention;

(8) If the industrial display touch screen is equipped with a complex mode, it needs to sacrifice the response rate and system resources. It is recommended to use an anti-mouse mode that meets the conditions of use;

(9) Set the deadline to clean the reflection stripes and inner surface of the touch screen according to the harshness of the environment.

(10) The industrial touch screen is a man-machine interface all-in-one machine, and the host generates a large amount of heat. It is necessary to take corresponding cooling measures for the industrial display touch screen body and the surrounding environment.

What Should Be Noticed When Using Industrial Displays?

The normal use of industrial monitors seems very simple, but you must pay attention to these details, otherwise it is easy to damage the equipment.

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