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Reasons and Solutions for Touch Failure of Vehicle Touch Display

Dec. 25, 2023

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards, cars are almost everywhere, so the market of on-board touch monitors will become larger and larger, followed by some on-board touch monitors, when touch is not sensitive, what causes it?

Reasons for Unresponsive Touch on Vehicle Touch Display

There are several reasons why the touch screen on the vehicle is not responsive to touch.

1. It may be caused by one of the connections to the keyboard port of the host computer is not connected. Please check the connection port.


2. It is possible that the driver has not been installed with the serial number corresponding to the actual installation. Please reinstall the driver.

 Reasons and Solutions for Touch Failure of Vehicle Touch Display

3. It is possible that the host computer is the original machine, and the operating system installed is the independent version, which has been adjusted by the touch screen manufacturer, resulting in the non-standard serial port and incompatible with the touch screen driver.


4. It may also caused by the broken screen, or there is a problem with the wiring, or the crash caused by IC and motherboard, which will lead to no response to the touch of the on-board touch display.



If we encounter on-board touch display does not respond, here are some solutions for reference.


1. If there is a stop-running phenomenon in the operation process of DVD, and then the car-mounted display screen is not bright and without touch response, we can choose to restart the power supply of the car-mounted screen, which can basically solve the problem.


2. If it's the third-party software mismatch system causes no response to the touch of the on-board display screen, it is suggested to check whether new software has been downloaded recently. The crash may be caused by the instability of these new programs and insufficient memory. We can choose to delete some memory and uninstall the relevant software to make the on-board touch display work properly.


3. If the problem still haven't resolved, we suggest you to make car testing and replace the new navigator.


This is the introduction of the problem of touch failure of on-board touch monitors. If you have any questions or more information about on-board displays or industrial monitors, please pay attention to Touch Intelligent Official Website.

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