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Working Principle of License Plate Recognition System

Jan. 09, 2024

The working principle of license plate recognition system is very simple. Simply speaking, it is composed of vehicle detection, camera, road brake, recognition system and ground induction. When the car enters the parking lot, once the ground induction is triggered at the entrance. The camera immediately collects the license plate number information and vehicle type. After recognition processing, the data will be obtained. It is uploaded to the management computer to facilitate the administrator to manage the export and verify the vehicle type and owner's identity.

 Working Principle of License Plate Recognition System

There are three main details: (1) image acquisition (2) vehicle detection (3) identification data.

1. Image Acquisition:

Image acquisition is based on whether the detector detects a vehicle at the entrance or exit, and the camera at the entrance or exit immediately captures the relevant license plate number, vehicle type and color of the vehicle.

2. Vehicle Detection:

Vehicle detector is used by the license plate recognition system for detection, using the ground induction coil detection, as long as the vehicle enters the parking lot entrance and exit trigger the sense of the road and gate, to detect whether the vehicle needs to detect and identify.

3. Data Recognition

License plate recognition system has different recognition methods for license plate number and color. There are two steps for license plate recognition system: (1) Firstly, locating the license plate number, then determine the area for data acquisition; (2) Secondly, identifying and sort out the collected pictures, and analyzing the digital information implied in the pictures, then compositing number.


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