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What Are Characteristics of a City of Intelligent Education?

Mar. 22, 2023

What are the characteristics of a city of intelligent education? Does it refer to the education part in the city?


The city of intelligent education is an important part of the intelligent city. The essence of the intelligent city is to use advanced information technology to realize the intelligent management and operation of the city, thus creating a better life for the citizen and promoting the harmonious development of the city. Education is an important part of people's livelihood. The overall characteristics of the city of intelligent education are to realize the informatization construction in the field of education within the city, optimize the allocation of educational resources, and construct an ecological environment of borderless learning through technology integration to meet the needs of urban residents for high-quality education. 

What Are Characteristics of a City of Intelligent Education?

Implementing it into the front-line classroom is to apply information technology to the actual teaching management, it accurately analyzes children's learning situation based on data interaction, locates learning needs, and lets teachers know what they should teach. Let students know what they should learn.


In the city of intelligent education, every student can accurately record the learning data and analyze the learning condition; the teacher can accurately control the teaching so that every child can develop properly; the school can realize intelligent management and improve the quality of running a school by some advanced intelligent hardware, such as intelligent display during teaching by installing industrial monitor; Upgrade comprehensive security system by installing industrial all-in-one panel PC, such as access identification machine, attendance scanning machine. The schools in the city can realize intelligent interconnection and optimization among schools. To allocate educational resources and promote educational equity.


Since China advocated informationization of education, the coverage of intelligent education has ranged from a pilot class to the deployment of the whole school to all schools within a regional scope, which realized the point-to-area regional development. The whole region has realized the intelligent management of education, and the demand of each individual in the region for accurate and efficient learning has been realized.

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