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What are the precautions for the selection and purchase of industrial touch control Panel PC?

Aug. 01, 2019

The application of industrial touch-control panel PC in commercial intelligence terminal is becoming more and more common and popular. We can also see it in our daily work and life. For example, banks, government offices, airports, stations and hospitals, where have all kinds of convenient self-help machines, which are simple to use and easy to operate, while there are many manufacturers of industrial touch screen panel PC in this industry, and how to choose and purchase the industrial panel PC is also a big problem for users. First of all, let's get to know the precautions of purchasing the panel PCs.


Firstly, there is not much difference between the host configuration of industrial tablet PC and common computers. It is basically composed of the main board, CPU, memory and hard disk. In addition, the configuration of industrial touchscreen all-in-one PC can be selected according to their own needs, and purchased directly from manufacturers as far as possible. They have advantages in hardware technology and personalized customization schemes, and are easy to operate.


Secondly, the advantages and disadvantages of LCD screen directly affect the overall phenomena and experience of an industrial all-in-one panel PC, so a good industrial panel PC must adopt high-specification LCD screen as the core hardware of the whole PC.


Thirdly, functional application: Industrial all-in-one tablet PC integrates the functions of TV, computer and display, and replaces mouse and keyboard with touch screen operation. Basically, the industrial computer can achieve the functions like commercial ordinary computer. Moreover, the industrial panel PC with different types of touch software can achieve more work than commercial computer. They can be used in scientific research teaching, shopping mall display, conference training, self-service terminal information query, etc.


Fourthly, display size selection: industry panel PC has many sizes, ranging from 7 inches to 21.5 inches or larger sizes. Generally speaking, the self-service terminal is mainly for human-computer interaction, mainly for query, the display size does not need to be too large. It depends on what size you want and what requirements are needed for configuration. And different sizes, different configurations have different prices.


Fifthly, pay attention to the touch screen types. For the resistive touch screen panel PC, it performs good in harsh environments, such as dust, water and oil pollution environments. It can be controlled by the touch of any object, which is relatively suitable for industrial areas with poor working conditions. Its disadvantage is that due to the outer layer of the composite film is made of plastic, the touch screen will be scratched by using too much force or sharp touch. For the capacitive touch screen, they have high resolution and good transmittance, and well meet various requirements in lots of applications.


In summary, if you would like to purchase industrial panel PC, you need to consider its configuration, performance, size, touchscreen types and so on. Ultimately, it is necessary to equip the appropriate industrial computer according to the actual application requirements. More details are welcome to consult Touch Think.


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