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What's the difference between an industrial computer and a commercial computer?

Jul. 30, 2019

Industrial computer is used in industry as its name implies. What's the difference between industrial computer and commercial computer ?

1. The components used in the computer are different: the internal components of ordinary commercial computers only need to meet the general requirements, but the service life will be shorter than industrial grade computer. The industrial computer integrative machine requires high quality and stability, so it must be guaranteed that the industrial computer integrative machine (all-in-one panel PC) can operate stable under harsh conditions.

2.  The service life of motherboard is different: the internal hardware of common commercial computer updates quickly, so the service life of general commercial motherboard is only half a year to one year. While the motherboard of the industrial control computer can reach 5 years'life under normal use.

3. Reliability is different: take application in China market as the example, due to the market positioning of common commercial flat panel, its products will generally only get  CCC certification for electronic products and electromagnetic compatibility certification for civil level; Industrial all-in-one panel PC is mainly aimed at the industrial market, and industrial products require more stringent quality and stability, before each product entering the market. Certificates and test like CCC, anti-vibration, anti-drop, high and low temperature resistance and other industrial tests are needed. Due to the different market positioning, authentication and testing methods are different.

4. Different management: Common commercial tablets only provide the simplest remote management. While for industrial tablet PCs, in addition to providing similar remote management, they can also realize remote unattended function.

5. The degree of customization is different: once the ordinary commercial flat panel is produced, it can not be changed at will, but for the industrial computer, its industrial motherboard can flexibly meet the individual needs of some customers. Kinds of customization service of the panel PC can be achieved, which can better match the customer's use demand environment.

6. Protection functions are different: commercial flat plate provides simple protection functions such as dust-proof, water-proof, shock-proof, anti-aging, etc. Some has no protection function at all; Industrial grade all-in-one panel PC is applied in perennial vicious environment, so the requirements for dust-proof, water-proof, shock-proof and anti-aging are very high. In the case of crash and other abnormal circumstances, the watchdog function can automatically restart, surge protection and other functions, all these make every effort to ensure the high stability of the system in harsh environments.

7. The working temperature is different: normally, the commercial flat panel can only be used in the external environment between 5 and 38 degrees, while the industrial computer adopts wide temperature design, the working temperature range can reach - 30 to 70 degrees, and the extreme temperature can be customized to meet customer needs.


All above is some explanation for the difference between industrial computer and common commercial tablet. Generally speaking, the performance of industrial computer is more stable and reliable, and the scope of adaptation is wider than commercial tablet PC. Customers should consider comprehensively according to their own application environment and configuration requirements when choosing, in order to find the most cost-effective products.

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