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The Difference in Interface Design Between Industrial Monitor and Industrial Panel PC

Jun. 15, 2021

Industrial monitors and industrial panel PCs are widely used in many fields. Most people pay attention to their performance configuration and the software applications needed for running; Some people pay attention to their interface because different applications will equip the corresponding interfaces. This article will take a look at the application interfaces of different touch display equipment.


The interface of the touch control terminal equipment depends on the motherboard model. For example, Take Touch Think 4th-GEN series as an example, including industrial monitor, industrial X86 all-in-one PC, industrial Android panel PC, these three types of products have different motherboard architecture.


The industrial monitor is equipped with the motherboard of Model JWS2483  as standard. Its interface includes Touch, HDMI, DVI, VGA, audio input, audio output, DC, and support I/O expansion custom.

The Difference in Interface Design Between Industrial Monitor and Industrial Panel PC

As the I/O device of a computer, i.e. input and output device, the monitor can receive host signal and form image. The way to receive and the output signal is the interface we will introduce. Excluding other conventional interfaces, the main interfaces of the monitor are VGA, DVI, and HDMI.


VGA is mainly used in the output of old-fashioned computers. Analog signals are output and transmission. The transmission process is a D/A conversion and an A/D conversion. If the signal is lost, the display would be fuzzy.


The digital signal transmitted by the DVI interface can transmit a large-resolution video signal, and it doesn't need conversion to connect with the computer, and the signal will not be lost.


HDMI interface transmits a digital signal, which has the same effect as DVI interface in video quality, but it can also transmit audio.

 The Difference in Interface Design Between Industrial Monitor and Industrial Panel PC

Designing three display ports for the monitor at the same because the monitor is also one of the adaptive products. The display definition is getting higher and higher in the market, but the early products have not been completely eliminated. The display requirements and working environment of different fields are different, so the display interface of the application is also different.


For Touch Think industrial panel PC, it distinguishes Windows system and Android system versions. The mainboard architecture divided into X86 architecture and ARM architecture, which determines that the interface between them will be different.


Touch Think industrial Android all-in-one PC is equipped with JWS-64 motherboard as standard, and the interface on the bottom bezel are DC, USB, TF/SIM, HDMI/MICRO USB, RJ45, Audio, UBOOT, COM1, COM2; Top bezel interface: COMx2, WiFi, binding post.

 The Difference in Interface Design Between Industrial Monitor and Industrial Panel PC

Touch Think industrial Windows panel PC is equipped with CX-J1900 motherboard as standard, bottom bezel interfaces: DC, VGA, HDMI, USBx2, LAN, Audio input, Audio output, COMx2; Top bezel interfaces: COMx2, WiFi, binding post.


The difference between the industrial panel PC and the industrial monitor lies in Network connection and external device interface, RJ45 Network interface and LAN interface, and USB interface can be used as input and output interface (USB2.0 and 3.0 are optional, with different transmission rate). Host, processing, display function integration, While the industrial monitor is mainly to receive signals and output information.


Different fields have different requirements for the function and expansion of touch display products, which determines the design of the motherboard interface. The interface design has a development process, whether it is power transmission or signal transmission, tends to be higher quality and efficiency. Considering that the applicability of the interface is more and more extensive, universality may become its development trend.

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