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Touch Think 5th-GEN Industrial Android all-in-one PC

Jun. 15, 2021

Touch Think 5th-GEN series has been rolled out for nearly a year. According to the initial product positioning, the application scenarios of Touch Think 5th-GEN series products focus on heavy-duty fields, mainly focusing on the application of strong dust, vibration, electromagnetic interference, and other requirements in heavy industry scenarios, trying to make it more applicable and stable.


In practical applications, Touch Think 5th-GEN series has a wide range of application scenarios, and the series includes three types of products: industrial monitor, industrial Windows panel PC, and industrial Android all-in-one PC.

 Touch Think 5th-GEN Industrial Android all-in-one PC

Touch Think 5th-GEN series including multiple display-size products based on the above three categories. Take 10.1 inch Android panel PC as an example to analyze in detail.


The 5th-GEN 10.1-inch industrial Android panel PC is composed of three parts, the front panel, the middle palate, and the back cover. The overall size of the panel PC is 267.5*186.28*61mm (L*W*H), the middle plate size is 255.5*174.28*20MM, and the back cover size is 239.5*148.5*35mm. From their size and structure, we can see the overall style of the 5th-GEN Android all-in-one panel PC is robust, rugged, and steady.


In terms of appearance design, it adopts aluminum alloy material, with a simple and beautiful shape, compact structure, and delicate color matching. The user needs and environmental factors of the product are fully considered, offering users a reliable, safe, and durable sense of quality.

 Touch Think 5th-GEN Industrial Android all-in-one PC

Compared with the previous Touch Think series of products, from the shell to hardware performance, the 5th-GEN products are built with higher adaptability in heavy-duty environments.

For the details of the 5th-GEN products. It continues the highlights of the previous series, including high-definition LCD screen, sensitive touch mode, IP65 dustproof and waterproof panel, fanless fin-shaped heat-dissipation design, dustproof speaker hole, and waterproof adhesive tape, etc.


Except for the conventional interface design (Including DC 12V, 2*USB2.0, TF, SI card slot, HDMI, MICRO USB, RJ45, Audio Input/Output, UBOOT, Wifi antenna, industrial terminal, Grounding post), the 5th-GEN products also add an industrial terminal design with 6pin, which makes the connection more stable. It has the same function as the internal anti-vibration structure design, what's more, the power supply becomes more stable.

 Touch Think 5th-GEN Industrial Android all-in-one PC

For most buyers, the cost performance is still the most concerning point when considering purchasing the products. The fifth-generation series products can be upgraded and customized. At the same time, the price is changeable according to different sizes and configurations. Please contact us for getting a quote for the products you need.


Continuous expansion of product application scenarios is the development direction of the Touch Think brand. Excellent performance and high-level protection make the fifth generation series have excellent performance in electric power, military industry, factories, rail transit, and other fields. After one year of practice, it has received good feedback from our customers.

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