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Industrial Panel PC For New Energy Battery Testing Equipment

With the development of new energy vehicles, the development of lithium batteries has also achieved a market value of trillion. The development and application of power batteries are inseparable from the breakthrough of new energy vehicles. As the core part of new energy vehicles, the quality of batteries is related to endurance and safety issues.


In the market, the battery with fast charging, stable discharge, and stable operation in the case of large temperature difference is the favored object in the field of power battery. However, the reality is that the electric car suddenly does not move; It is clear that there is still 50% electricity, and only 5% is left in the next second; In addition, when driving in a low-temperature environment, the battery does not discharge, and in a high-temperature environment, the battery burns.

 Industrial Panel PC For New Energy Battery Testing Equipment

The stable operation of the battery is still the most important issue for the development of new energy vehicles. How to ensure the high quality and stability of the battery has also become important work. Therefore, in the automatic battery production line, battery detection has become the most important part of battery production.


An automatic X-ray inspection machine is popular testing equipment for lithium batteries in the market. The working principle of the equipment is that the X-ray is emitted through the X-ray generator and penetrates the inside of the battery. The imaging system receives X-ray imaging and takes pictures. The image is processed and automatically measured and judged by the relevant software to determine the good and bad products, and select the bad products. An imaging system is used for online detection and analysis, and the online full-automatic detection of the laminated power battery, The front and rear end of the equipment can be connected with the production line, with automatic detection and high efficiency.


Product Features


1 Automatic detection: automatic detection and judgment, automatic sorting of qualified products and defective products.


2 Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of all actions, signals, and hardware status, and it is displayed on the software operation interface.


3 Image and data storage: multi-part detection pictures and data of the same battery are displayed in the same software interface, which is convenient for observation and identification.


4 Safety and environmental protection: the whole equipment is safe interlock, offers triple protection function, and all parts on the surface of equipment meet the safety radiation standard.

The application of industrial panel PCs in the automatic X-ray inspection machine mainly includes the control of the equipment, the operation of the software, the monitoring and display analysis during the operation. It requires the panel PC to have high configuration, smooth operation, with touch screen, support glove touch mode, and with multiple USB interfaces, to realize high-speed data transmission; Support multiple installation modes, like embedded and VESA mounts, no need to open the cabinet door to start and stop the all-in-one panel PC.

 Industrial Panel PC For New Energy Battery Testing Equipment

Touch Think Intelligent Industrial All-in-one Panel PC For Battery Testing Equipment


Industrial Panel PC Features


1. Standard J1900 motherboard, high-performance CPU, memory can be customized to ensure smooth operation to support customers' software.


2. Equipped with a capacitive touch screen, the response time is 5ms, support multi-point touch, high accuracy, no drift problems.


3. The panel PC equipped with 2*RS232, 4*USB to meet the data communication requirements of the automatic X-ray machine.


4. Industrial panel PC for battery testing equipment support wide voltage operation, and with dustproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, well-adapted to work in the industrial environment.


5. Support Windows OS, win 7 / win 8 / win 10 / Linux available.


In fact, X-ray detection equipment can not only detect lithium batteries but also detect components/castings / LEDs. It can also meet the manufacturing and testing needs of various mobile phones, computers, and other electronic equipment.

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