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Touch Think Industrial Panel PC Use In Power Control Cabinet

Summer is the peak period of power consumption. Power failure at this time will undoubtedly have a great impact on people's daily work and life. In order to ensure a normal power supply, power grid staff often choose to overhaul high load power supply equipment in summer. This involves power control cabinet equipment.


In short, the power control cabinet has the following major uses:


1. Allocating resources by classification;

2. When some line fails, the control cabinet is conducive to controlling the fault range, facilitating the maintenance staff to quickly find out the fault point and eliminate it in time;

3. It is convenient to place various protective equipment in the control cabinet, such as fuse to prevent short circuit, air switch to prevent overload, etc.


Today, when digitization and intelligence have changed all aspects of life, great changes have taken place in power stations, and power distribution stations. The combined application of software systems and hardware has become the trend of supporting and upgrading in power places, which can not only improve the efficiency of power places but also ensure the safety of operators.


The power control cabinet shall assemble the switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances, and auxiliary equipment in the closed or semi-closed metal cabinet according to the electrical wiring requirements. Its own design shall meet the normal operation requirements of the power system, facilitate maintenance and control at any time.


The touch display device can monitor the power operation of the whole area and reflect the operation status of the power control cabinet itself. In terms of operation and management, the power control cabinet integrates the buttons of the traditional power control cabinet in an all-in-one panel PC to simplify operation and system management.


For the supporting solution of the power control cabinet, Touch Think has launched the 2nd-GEN industrial all-in-one touch panel PC, which can effectively combine IT equipment with intelligent gird system management, further optimize and improve management and digitization, match the power system environment and show the application characteristics of the industrial all-in-one panel PC.



As a special application environment, dense electrical equipment interacts with each other and exists strong electrostatic interference, the touch monitors are prone to short circuits, splashing screens, and other phenomena, thus resulting in extremely unstable running. In view of this situation, Touch Think optimizes the motherboard and interfaces. Each mainboard is painted with conformal coating, which has the advantages of moisture-proof, leak-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, corona resistance, etc. The electrostatic port contacts 8KV and the air contact is 15kV.


Touch Think 2nd-GEN industrial all-in-one touch panel PC is made of aluminum alloy casing, and a 3mm ultra-thin front frame, which is excellent for embedded installation. Equipped with the industrial-grade mainboard, presenting strong performance, low power consumption, mute cooling without a fan. Supporting 7 * 24-hour stable and high efficient operation.


This panel PC is also equipped with Ethernet port / WiFi realizes the Network wake-up function, and supports interface customization. High compatibility and industrial level performance ensures stable and reliable operation in the harsh environment of the smart grid system.



Building a smart grid with the features of informatization, automation, and interaction, and improving the resource allocation capacity, economic operation efficiency, security level, scientific and technological level, and intelligence level is the development trend of the power grid.


Touch Think has many practical project cases in the field of power control cabinets. In the future, Touch Think will continue to give full play to its core advantages, combine communication, computer, automation, and other technologies, and integrates with the traditional power systems, so as to continue to help popularize and expand the intelligence of the global smart grid.

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