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The Prospect and Development Form of Touch Screen Display

Mar. 29, 2021

The Touch Screen Display allows the user to operate the host as long as the user touches the icon or text on the computer display with his finger, which eliminates the keyboard and mouse operations and makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward. Mainly used in public hall information query, leadership office, electronic games, song ordering, multimedia teaching, air ticket/train ticket pre-sale, etc. The products are mainly divided into three categories: capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen.

Touch Screen Display

Touch Screen Display

Types of

According to the medium used and the working principle, it can be divided into four types: resistive type, capacitive induction type, infrared type and surface acoustic wave type. The touch screen is gradually upgraded and developed from low-end to high-end: from resistive and infrared to capacitive sensing and surface acoustic wave.

Capacitive touch

The Capacitive Touch Screen coats a transparent metal layer on a glass plate as a conductor. There are long and narrow electrodes on the four sides of the touch screen to form a low-voltage AC electric field in the conductor. When a finger touches the metal layer, when a conductive object touches it, it will change the capacitance of the contact. The current from the four-side electrodes will flow to the contact. The controller can determine the position of the touch through the current. Since the capacitance varies with temperature, humidity, or grounding conditions, its stability is poor and it tends to drift.

Resistive touch

The resistive touch screen is basically a structure of thin film and glass. When touched, the ITO on the lower layer of the film will touch the ITO on the upper layer of the glass, and a message will be sent through the sensor, and then sent from the controller to the computer. Transform to the X and Y values on the screen, and complete the click action, and present it on the screen.


As the market position of smartphones and tablet computers continues to rise, the touch screen industry has been driven to become a sunrise industry, but with more and more companies entering the market, competition in the entire industry has intensified, profit margins have been continuously compressed, and the touch screen stock market has become more turbulent. , But driven by the hot market of low-end smartphones, there are still good opportunities in the future market.

Development situation

In the early stage of the touch screen market development, due to the huge profits, Chinese companies have followed up production. However, with the continuous increase of production companies, there is currently a rapid expansion of touch screen production capacity in the Chinese market, and fierce competition among related touch screen companies has led to a continuous decline in market profits and market integration. It is inevitable. Judging from the current decline in the touch screen market, in the short term, although the touch screen stock market is going down, there are still trading opportunities affected by the market, but the long-term development situation is still affected by the growth of the emerging consumer electronics market.

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