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There Are Four Reasons For The Failure Of a Industrial Micro PC

Feb. 22, 2024

1. The Industrial Micro PC button has not been operated for a long time, and its internal contacts are oxidized, resulting in excessive contact resistance;

2 .The touch display switch has solder joints desoldered or connected, the connector is loose and the contact is poor;

3. Touching the inside of the display button or the button board is dirty, there is a leakage point;

4. Error in the control program inside the touch display.

When the resolution of the Resistive Touch PC is changed or replaced, calibration is required. The display sizes of different brands and models have obvious differences, corresponding to different optimal resolutions. When the resolution is changed, the displayed image will appear horizontally stretched or vertically stretched, so that the touch screen coordinates do not correspond to the program coordinates, and calibration is required at this time.

Replace the computer mainframe and the relative position of the touch screen and the display has not changed. However, after the computer host is replaced, the coordinates corresponding to the corresponding program are difficult to ensure that they are consistent with the original host. In this case, the touch display also needs to be calibrated.

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