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Advantages and Applications of Infrared Touch Display

Mar. 15, 2023

Industrial touch display or monitor has a variety of touch modes, three common types are capacitive, resistive and infrared touch. Many customers know little about infrared touch display, here we will make brief introduction about the features and applications of infrared touch display .


The advantage of an infrared touch screen is that it can be touched with a finger or pen.The disadvantage of infrared touch screen is that it feels bad when it is used on spherical display. This is because the infrared raster matrix on which it works obviously requires to be on the same plane. Therefore, there is a large distance between the real sensing touch plane and the arc-shaped display screen, especially in the corner, but this disadvantage is not exsit in flat display, such as  liquid crystal display.


It can be said that infrared touch screen has considerable advantages in flat panel display. Infrared detection technology can obtain a simple infrared detection method by using the same wavelength infrared emitter and infrared receiver tube。


As long as there are objects blocking the connection between infrared tubes, the received signal will drop sharply. Therefore, infrared can detect the blockage of objects, and it is widely used in anti-theft system, automatic induction system, counter and other systems.


If infrared is used in short distance, the blocking degree can also be detected according to the attenuation condition of the received signal. This is the so-called analog mode. The analog mode uses a dense receiver array at the receiving end and can also be used for imaging. In order to prevent interference, infrared detection can also adopt pulse mode.


That is to say, the infrared emitter transmits a fixed frequency signal, and the receiver only detects this frequency, so the anti-jamming ability of pulse mode is very strong. If the pulse mode modulates the signal on the working frequency, it can also be used in digital communication. This is the famous infrared communication. The remote control of household appliances, infrared communication of computers, and even the fastest optical fiber communication are all related to this. Infrared communication has no effect on human body.


Above is brief introduction for infrared touch display. More information for IR touch monitor, please consult Touch Think.

Infrared Touch Display

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