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Sewage Treatment Internet of Things Solution

May. 17, 2023

Industry Background

1. Present situation of sewage treatment

Nowadays, the situation of water pollution is becoming more and more serious. With the continuous development of sewage treatment as a new strategic industry, higher and higher strict requirements are put forward for sewage treatment. At present, many sewage treatment enterprises are still in a relatively low operating efficiency to deal with the water pollution, lack of effective supervision and extensive operation mode, etc. Of course, many companies also have designed intelligent sewage treatment monitoring system based on the Internet of Things technology. This system provides a comprehensive analysis from three aspects: perception layer, network layer and application layer. Intelligent monitoring system for sewage treatment provides a perfect digital solution for the operation and management of sewage treatment plants, which greatly improves the operation and maintenance capacity of sewage treatment enterprises.

Problems need to be solved urgently in sewage treatment operation and management:

1). Remote Monitoring: real-time monitoring of key production indicators and water quality indicators.

2). Fault Management: accurate acquiring failure status online; checking failure status by video.

3). Data Statistics: storage and analysis of historical data.

4). Collaborative Management: centralized management of several distant sewage treatment plants.

5). After-sales Management: support after-sales photography, information inputting.


2. Necessity of Construction

Intelligent monitoring platform, as a new technology, is bringing and influencing profound changes in the field of sewage treatment. Position of sewage treatment plant is usually located in a remote area, and with large area and complex structure, and the requirements of safety level are relatively high. At present, manual rotation patrol is still used in daily maintenance, which is a waste of human resource and material resources, and the failure avoidance rate is relatively low. After the application of the Internet of Things in the sewage treatment plant, the operating parameters and state of each system can be clearly seen in the central control room, and the on-site video can be captured for inspection and confirmation, so as to achieve rapid response, accurate positioning and timely alarm.


3. Specific Solutions

Based on the system platform of Internet of Things technology, the automatic sewage treatment control system is constructed from three aspects: perception layer (adapter), network layer and application layer.


Universal adapter realizes the functions of numbering objects in perception layer, object recognition, information collection and feedback. The data is uploaded from the adapter to the basic data management platform, which is responsible for data communication and pre-processing, and then the required data is displayed through the application system and provides with reverse operation function.


4. Scheme Design

1) Sewage Data Acquisition Terminal

Considering that the system is mainly used to detect the status of sewage treatment, the content of detection is the change of various substances in sewage treatment. As a collection terminal, it must have a more accurate sewage sampling system, which can transmit the data of each sampling point through the standard protocol commonly used in industry, collect all kinds of data on the spot into the intelligent monitoring terminal in real time, and ensure the accuracy and real-time of the data.


The adapter in the intelligent terminal is universal, which refers to the electronic structure. For different types of adaptation, only software needs to be adjusted. This is because different devices have different sensor types and different ways for obtaining data. Sometimes, multiple adapters can be used on a device. Different types of data are joined separately, which makes the installation more flexible.

2) Basic Data Platform

The basic data platform is the supporting system of the basic platform of the Internet of Things, which provides the data service of the whole system. Including monitoring data receiving subsystem, alarm subsystem, data analysis and statistics subsystem and WEB publishing subsystem, each part cooperates with each other to complete data collection analysis and processing, and later release and storage, which is the central hub of the monitoring system. For this part, Touch Think industrial all-in-one panel PC with Windows or Android system, fitted with multi-functional modules, Intel processor, it's a good choice for the system.

3) Application System

The application system is the presentation interface of the front end of the whole scheme. After obtaining data from the basic data platform, the application system presents the required data information, video content and reverse operation functions to customers.


5. System Implementation Function

1) Equipment Distribution Management

Adopting GPS positioning system, the location information of each factory area or equipment is displayed in the map information, so that managers can see each factory area or equipment intuitively. If you need to further view the detailed information, just click it.


2) Data Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring system is a very important subsystem. It is responsible for the detection and reception of real-time data in various sites. It can also realize remote monitoring and operation by modifying the parameters of the reverse control system.


3) Fault Management of Equipment

This system can check the operation status of the equipment online, understand the operation data of the equipment, and check the real situation of the equipment through the camera, to accurately understand what the fault is.


4) Alarm Prompt Management

The system can set the alarm value of equipment operation or water level. Once the alarm value exceeds this value, the system can alarm on mobile phones, computers or large screens, and inform the attendants by telephone, so as to avoid the situation of shutdown and further equipment damage.


5) Data Analysis System

Maintenance of historical records of monitoring data and generation of water pollution index curve based on historical data; make and upload of various data summary reports and statistical reports.


6) Equipment Management

Detailed record of equipment model, equipment parameters, purchase date, after-sales service and other information, facilitate the real-time equipment, system management.


Touch Think industrial touch screen monitor plays a well role in this part, IP65 dust-proof and water proof for front panel, makes it suitable running under harsh environments. And high brightness of display screen is available for outdoor device. Multi interfaces of the monitor is expansible for different requirements.

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