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Industrial Panel PC Application Introduction

Nov. 06, 2019

Industrial panel PC, also known as industrial touch tablet PC, has all the functions of a computer, and also has a touch integrated design. It can operate independently without mouse and keyboard. Therefore, the operation is portable and simple, and it is widely used in the industrial field at present.


Some new customers who are familiar with the industry or who have heard the word "industrial tablet" for the first time, or don't know what the industrial tablet is used for. Let's talk about the main application industries of the industrial panel PCs.


Before we start, let's first understand the structure of industrial tablet computers.


Industrial tablet PCs differ little from commercial computers in internal hardware. They are composed of motherboard, CPU, memory, hard disk, video card, sound card, display screen, touch screen and operating system.


Some customers may wonder the industrial tablet PCs will used in what kinds of application industry, now, let's have a detailed introduction.


1. Environmental monitoring industry

A. National surface water detection;

B. Sewage treatment system;

C. Real time data collection and analysis of environmental detection;

D. Automation control system of water purification equipment expansion project;

E. Intelligent water supply monitoring and remote management system;

F. Remote monitoring and management system of drinking water station;

G. Monitoring system control of water booster pump station.


2. Intelligent transportation industry

A. Urban light rail ticket checking system;

B. Maglev train power supply monitoring system;

C. Expressway toll system;

D. Train vacuum collection monitoring system based on Soft PLC;

E. Container terminal cargo handling monitoring system.


3. Telecommunication monitoring industry

A. Monitoring of telecommunication power environment room;

B. Optical cable monitoring and control system;

C. Battery monitoring system of infinite communication machine station;

D. Centralized monitoring of power equipment and computer room environment in communication office room.


4. Steel automation industry

A. Energy dispatching system of steel plant;

B. Unified monitoring and information embedded system for steel plant production;

C. Iron-making furnace optimization system;

D. PDA monitoring and management system for quality data of hot rolling exit strip;

E. Smoke concentration monitoring system;

F. Centralized monitoring system for main driving equipment of steel rolling.


5. Municipal automation industry

A. City gas control system;

B. Pipeline gas monitoring system (CompactPCI);

C. Gas pipeline monitoring system based on Soft PLC and GSM;

D. Natural gas monitoring system.


6. Building automation industry

A. Theater building monitoring system;

B. Building central air conditioning monitoring system;

C. Access control system;

D. Intelligent automatic control of the community;

E. Central air conditioning energy saving control system


7. Machine vision (MES) industry

A. Food traceability system;

B. Drug traceability system;

C. Production line code reading system;

D. Quality monitoring of testing line.


8. Factory automation industry

A. LCD monitor production line automation;

B. Fire alarm monitoring system of semiconductor factory;

C. Industrial computer control system for the production line of color tube glass shell;

D. SCADA system based on web in cable workshop;

E. Production scheduling system of industrial and mining enterprises and iron and steel companies;

G. Industrial wastewater monitoring system;

H. Energy monitoring system;

I. Redundant control system in chemical industry ;

J. Fire monitoring;

K. Boiler computer control system based on Soft PLC;

L. Centralized batching monitoring system;

M. Data acquisition and detection system of air separation device;

N. Ethernet control system in process automation industrial;

O. Comprehensive management system of fly ash company and coal-fired power generation enterprise;

P. Gas data acquisition and monitoring system of gas plant;

Q. Distributed control of heat treatment furnace;

R. Chimney monitoring and data collection system;

S. Monitoring system in tank farm;

T. Data acquisition system of salt industry;

U. Sewage treatment system of pharmaceutical plant;

V. Coal mining data acquisition and control system based on OPC technology;

W. Automatic batching control system;

X. Water conservancy automation control system.


Other industries automation industry

A. University: smart campus system, one smart card for borrow and return books, shopping;

B. University: University computer control and automatic control principle experiment system;

C. Finance: multimedia financial self-service terminal;

D. Finance: self service bank with access control management system;

E. Oil: automatic control of oil metering in the oil industry;

F. Agriculture: automatic control of agricultural greenhouse;

G. Food: Food auxiliary automation system;

H. Food: Food auxiliary processing system.

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