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Embedded IPC Optimize The Work Of CNC Machine Tools

Nov. 07, 2019

With the continuous progress and development of the network, the Internet of things has become a development trend and gradually effect people's daily life. The embedded industrial computer network in the CNC machine tool system also significantly improve the production efficiency of enterprises. With the popularization and application of CAD / CAM Integrated technology (integrated industrial computer) and local area network technology, the efficiency and quality of new product design and development, process planning and CNC machine programming of most enterprises have been significantly improved, and the technology management and production management of enterprises have entered the era of network. The management of CNC machine tools, which is closely related to CAD / CAM, is still in its initial state, which has become a bottleneck restricting the improvement of modern management level of enterprises. Realizing the network management of CNC machine tools will enhance the management level of enterprises.


Industrial automation is actually a network connection between machine and machine, and between various assembly position. With the development of network technology, CNC lathes also widely be networked, but there are still some problems at present : for some CNC lathes with relatively less program requirements, manual keyboard input has always been used, and the disadvantages of this method are: (1) low efficiency; (2) long time for machine occupation; (3) easy to make mistakes. For some CNC machines with large program input, a desktop computer is used beside the machine for program transmission. The disadvantages of this method are: (1) computer maintenance is difficult in harsh industrial environment; (2) it is difficult to adapt and upgrade the commercial system software; (3) the operation method is complex and requires high qualification of the operator; (4) many operators use a computer together, and the management of program files is chaotic. There are also enterprises that use notebook for program transmission, while the serial interface of notebook computers is easily damaged due to frequent plugging and unplugging of transmission cables.


Embedded industrial computer technology has a wide range of adaptability in the field of CNC machine tools because of its good computing ability and network control ability. The machine tool equipped with embedded industrial control computer have higher processing performance than general automatic machine tool when the processing object is changed by changing the input program instructions, and it can accurately process the complex profile, so it is suitable for processing small and medium batch, frequent modification, high accuracy requirements, shape and more complex workpieces, and thus obtain good economic results.

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