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How to understand the current industrial Internet of things?

Nov. 05, 2019

At present, industrial monitors and industrial panel PCs are indispensable intelligent hardware in the industrial Internet of things (iiot), which is essentially the application of Internet of things technology in industry and manufacturing.


1. IIOT promotes efficiency improvement in six areas:

A. Operation and maintenance management of equipment assets.

B. Capacity and performance monitoring.

C. Quality analysis.

D. Real-time reminder.

E. Storage optimization.

F. Safety and compliance.


1. Connotation of IIOT industrial chain: it covers equipment manufacturers (such as sensors, RFID, chips, etc.), system integrators (which are committed to solving the integration of interfaces, protocols, system platforms, application software, etc. among various equipment and subsystems with subsystems, using environment, construction coordination, organization management and staffing), network operators (which provide data transmission, they are the main body of Internet of things network layer, and are the intermediate link connecting sensor data and terminal application.) platform supplier (providing support for Internet of things applications: providing terminal monitoring and failure location services for equipment manufacturers, providing agent billing and customer service for system integrators, providing reliable and comprehensive services for application developers, and providing unified, convenient and low-cost development tools for application developer) and users.


Current situation of industrial Internet of things market: it is still in the early stage of development, but due to its broad application prospects and huge revenue potential, many large multinational companies, governments and international organizations have invested a lot in industrial Internet of things. International organizations include Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), AllSeen Alliance, etc.; In China, there are Industrial Internet Industry Alliance (AII), sponsored by China Academy of information and communication and Huawei in February 2016, etc.


4. Challenges

There is a long way to go in terms of data diversity, general development environment, power efficiency, hybrid business model development, standardization and security, etc,.

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