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Application of Industrial Tablet PC In CNC Machine Tools

Oct. 16, 2019

CNC machine tool has realized processing automation and greatly reduced the product quality defects caused by the level differences of operators. It is inevitable that CNC machine tool is widely used in the development of modern mechanical industry. The traditional CNC system is more suitable for the development of CNC technology, such as networking, high precision and high speed. It is a masterpiece of perfect integration of precision machinery and computer technology.


The range and demand of industrial tablet PC used in CNC machine tools are increasing day by day. The fanless industrial computer with compact small size and low power consumption is more and more popular with customers. Based on the advantages of Touch Think embedded industrial tablet PC, such as stable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance and low cost, more and more CNC manufacturers use it as the front-end machine of CNC machine tools. Industrial computer integrates the input and output devices of traditional CNC machine tools with the functions of control center, and easily solves the problems of human-machine interface, programming, networking communication, etc.


In addition, Touch Think industrial computer adopts to aluminum alloy materials for whole housing, which makes the whole structure solid and reliable. It can meet the dust-proof and water-proof requirements of most application environments, and the products meet the requirements of IP65 grade protection level. In addition to the fast CPU speed, large storage capacity and multiple I/O interfaces, this series of industrial tablet PCs also have a variety of touch screens for choosing. We can provide industrial grade capacitance touch screen and resistance touch screen according to customer's requirement. The industrial tablet PC supports equip with WiFi wireless card and high sensitivity external antenna. The system can be installed in a variety of ways to adapt to a wide range of applications and meet diversified requirements.


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