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Analysis And Solution Of Surface Acoustic Touch Screen Problems

Oct. 16, 2019

In the operation of industrial tablets or industrial computers, there are often phenomena that touch screens are not responsive or touchable. Mainly due to setup problems or hardware problems, how should we solve them?


1. Touch in some areas is accurate, and touch in some areas has deviation.

This phenomenon is caused by a large amount of dust or scale accumulated on the acoustic reflection stripe around the surface acoustic touch screen, which affects the transmission of acoustic signal.


Solution: clean the touch screen, pay special attention to clean the acoustic reflection stripes on the four sides of the touch screen, and disconnect the power supply of the touch screen control card during cleaning.


2. The position touched by the finger does not coincide with the mouse arrow. 

This phenomenon is mainly due to the fact that after the driver is installed, there is no vertical touch to the center of the target during the correction.


Solution: re-calibrate the position.


Touch the center of the target vertically


When the driver is installed and corrected for the first time, pay attention to the details of system error, such as "No control card found", "touch screen not connected", etc., check the corresponding parts according to the prompts.


3.No response to touch 

Phenomenon: there is no change of mouse arrow when touching the screen, and no position change occurs.


Analysis: there are many reasons for this phenomenon, here list some reasons as below:

(1) the dust or scale accumulated on the acoustic reflection stripes around the surface acoustic touch screen is very serious, which makes the touch screen unable to work. 

(2) the touch screen fails. 

(3) touch screen control card fails. 

(4) touch screen signal line fails.

(5) the serial port of the computer host fails.

(6) the operating system of the computer fails. 

(7) touch screen driver installation error.

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