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Requirements For Customized Industrial Tablet PC

Oct. 17, 2019

Industrial tablet PCs are similar to tablets. They are composed of hardware and software. The difference is that industrial tablet PCs have more complex application environments, higher performance requirements and longer service life. The most important thing is that industrial tablet PCs can meet a variety of special customization needs.


What are the requirements for customized industrial tablet PCs in the face of different needs?


Most industrial tablet PCs are applied in the industrial field, industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing and smart factory, the hardware configuration must be advanced, because the R & D and production cycle of industrial products are usually relatively long, generally reaching 1-3 years.

 Requirements For Customized Industrial Tablet PC

According to the application environment and function orientation of the industrial tablet PC, you must choose the industrial grade main board and processor. The processor ensures that there is enough space for upgrading and expansion on the premise of meeting the function requirements. In addition, according to the customer interface requirements, you can customize various interfaces, ADC / GPIO and other special functions. Due to the requirements of working environment, the customization of industrial tablet PCs are mostly based on the customization of interface, which shows that the customization of industrial Android tablet PC has more room for development in hardware.


In terms of software, when choosing the industrial tablet PC operating system, we can decide whether to adopt customized system or general system according to the requirements of customers, so as to support users' applications perfectly.


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