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Industrial Tablets Used In Logistics Sorting Line Workstation

Aug. 19, 2019

Industrial tablet PCs or industrial grade touch screen monitors are ofen used in intelligent logistics sorting line workstation due to their reliable performance and rugged quality, anti-vibration, anti-high and low temperature and 7/24 long time operation.



In response to the needs of modern logistics industry informatization, logistics companies need to manage the equipment, personnel and goods of the sorting center. The sorting line workstation is an important part of the entire sorting information system. It is mainly composed of scanning weighing area, automatic sorting area, and end sliding area. The staff collecting the bar code information and weight of the package by the equipments such as scanner, camera and weighing device, which greatly reduces the workload and error rate of the operator, and gradually realizes intelligent information management.


Programme requirements

● The space of sorting line is limited and the size of workstation is required to be suitable.

● The workstation should be able to monitor the status of on-site switch buttons and control the acoustooptic alarm.

● Workstations and databases can only communicate by wireless networks



The cooperation technology with switch button and acoustooptic alarm used in industrial panel PC improves fault response time and processing efficiency, strengthens problem response, and achieves the overall management goal of visualization and controllability of logistics company.

Usually, such solutions involves industrial tablet computers and scanning gun.

Advantages of Touch Think Industrial Tablets:

● Reliable in quality and satisfy customers' 7/24 long-term operation.

● Multiple I/O interfaces, compatible with multi brands' protocols.

● It can be used as an integrated management host for information collection and data processing.

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