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What's The Difference Between Industrial Tablet And Consumer Tablet?

Aug. 16, 2019

When we receive some consulting information from customers, many customers are not very clear about the difference between the industrial tablets and ordinary consumer tablets. In fact, industrial tablet PCs are also a kind of computer, which mainly used in industry fields. They are more reliable, rugged and stable than ordinary computers. They can adapt to a wider range of harsh environments while have many applications for commercial uses at the same time.


So, what's the difference between the industrial tablet and ordinary tablet?


First of all, industrial tablets are mainly used in the production fields. They usually adopt standard serial ports, such as RS232/485 serial ports, for data acquisition and transmission. Ordinary tablets usually have only one interface (Android tablets usually use a miniature USB interface) to charge and transmit data.


Secondly, the internal structure is different. Due to the complex application environment, industrial tablets are usually equipped with industrial grade components and motherboards to adapt the super high and low working temperature environments or outdoor terminal devices. While ordinary tablets are only need to meet daily life scenes.


Besides, industrial grade tablet PCs have wider range of adaptability than ordinary tablets, such as wider working temperature, better stability, stronger anti-interference ability, better heat dissipation performance, better waterproof and dust-proof functions.


Thirdly, the application fields are different. Common tablets are mostly used for games and entertainment, while industrial tablets are mostly used for production. In many cases, industrial tablet systems are the focus of development. To meet specific functions and requirements, and most of industrial tablet PCs are customized. While most consumer tablets are standardized models.


Thirdly, industrial tablets support more interfaces and protocol standards, which are determined by the various environments in which industrial tablets are used. That is to say, industrial tablets need to connect many different interface devices, such as simulators, debuggers, data acquisition devices and so on. In order to realize real-time data transmission, a large number of interfaces, protocols and standards need to be supported.


With the continuous advancement of industrial 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, as well as the continuous development of technology, the application of industrial tablet computers will become more and more popular, and the future market prospects are immeasurable.

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