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The Necessity Of IP65 Dustproof Waterproof For Industrial Panel PC

Jun. 04, 2020

It is well known that many harsh industrial sites are generally full of much dust, water, oil, which is a great challenge for the equipment used in the industrial application sites and also requires some intelligent equipment, in terms of performance, must reach a certain level of industrial protection in the harsh industrial sites. Take the IP65 protection rating of Touch Think industrial panel PC as an example, four aspects will help you understand this performance of industrial panel PC!


First of all, what is IP protection for industrial tablets?


IP protection is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the level of dust-proof and intrusion prevention of electrical appliances (the foreign objects here include tools, human fingers, etc. are not allowed to touch the inner parts in electrical appliances to avoid an electric shock). The second number indicates the degree of airtightness of electrical appliances against moisture and water intrusion. The larger the number, the higher the protection level.


The IP protection level of the industrial panel PC is to make the product can be applied to a wider production site. For example, some production-oriented industrial sites have a lot of dust and heavy moisture, so it is necessary to use an industrial-grade panel PC to ensure that the span-life of the equipment used in this production link is longer, and to avoid the occurrence of emergencies in production, which will lead to serious production supply chain effect. High reliable performance industrial panel PCs undoubtedly offer a safe, orderly, and reliable guarantee for the whole production process.

 Dustproof Industrial Panel PC

Secondly, what is the difference between the front panel IP65 and the whole PC IP65?


The front panel IP65 is used to prevent dust and water in the front panel of the industrial tablet, and this kind of product is more suitable for application in the embedded production chain. This type of production chain embeds the industrial tablet into a cabinet or machine, and the outer part of the machine is airtight, dust-proof, and waterproof. The front panel of this kind of industrial tablet PC is exposed and is compliant with IP65 dust-proof and waterproof. At present, the front IP65 panel accounts for the majority of the market share.


Some customers require the tablet PC designed with full IP65 protection for special applications. If the whole body of the industrial panel PC needs to expose in the air, it needs full IP65 protection, so that the whole production chain can reach the best production level and the whole production can be carried out orderly.


Thirdly, how can industrial panel PCs achieve IP protection?


For some leading touch display equipment manufacturers, for the manufacturing of industrial tablet PC with front IP65 dust-proof and waterproof, generally reflected in terms of the production process. Take Touch Think as an example, in the front panel manufacturing technology, CNC panel die-casting machine is introduced for its process, the front panel is built with a die-casting integrated molding, with higher compactness, ensuring the perfect dust-proof and water-proof performance.


In addition, not only in the production process, for the finished product, after a series of quality testing is also the key point to ensure product performance. In terms of the waterproof performance of the industrial panel PC,  Touch Think will conduct a controllable constant humidity test in the product test, and test the degree of protection of the industrial tablet PC in the waterproof performance by directly flushing the front panel of the product by water.

 Waterproof Industrial Panel PC

Finally, what benefits will be brought to users by the IP65 panel PC?


1. More stable production efficiency


Due to the extreme environment in the process of industrial production, ordinary computers can not keep a stable operation for a long time. However, the IP65 dustproof and waterproof industrial panel PC has good dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof performance, so it can operate normally in an extreme environment so that enterprises can obtain very stable production efficiency.


2. Effective monitoring and management for important equipment


At present, many types of equipment in enterprises are automated operation. In order to manage and control the production equipment, it is necessary to process the corresponding programs through computers. Due to its better advantages, IP65 industrial tablet PC offers effective management to various equipment, and users will understand the current operation status of the equipment through various data or curves reflected on the computer.


3. Good compatibility with all kinds of devices


No matter which type of production enterprises will not use a single device to produce products, in order to effectively combine a variety of devices, it is necessary to have good compatibility with the computer system it manages. Industrial panel PC with IP65 dustproof, waterproof and shockproof is superior in this aspect, so it can effectively integrate a variety of devices.


It can be seen that the IP protection level of the industrial panel PC is not only one of the different characteristics compared with the ordinary computers but also can bring more stable production efficiency to users, effectively monitor and manage automation equipment, and have good compatibility. Therefore, when users choose industrial tablets, they can comprehensively consider the manufacturer's production and quality according to their own needs, so as to ensure that the performance of the products can reach the maximum expected value.



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