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Advantages of Industrial Touch Displays

Jun. 11, 2020

Advantages of industrial touch displays

Industrial touch displays are widely used in the laboratories of universities and colleges. It has good anti-interference performance and strong environmental resistance. It can work without barriers at high and low temperatures. In addition, in recent years, industrial touch displays are also used in various vending machines, because it has a capacitive touch explosion-proof screen, which can ensure the stability of working 24 hours a day.

High security

Considering the particularity of industrial touch displays, most use industrial driver boards to make them safer and more stable. In the first step, their components usually use industrial-grade components from well-known domestic and foreign brands. The control chip uses a large-brand industrial-grade display chip to ensure the long-term stability of the industrial touch display.

Anti-magnetic anti-static

Overall, the best cost-effective industrial touch display has a longer life. It uses pressure-resistant design, anti-static design, anti-interference design and anti-magnetic design. Motherboard power management usually uses brand chips imported from abroad. It has the characteristics of high reliability, wide operating temperature and low relative humidity.

Excellent picture quality

Industrial touch displays have been carefully designed to include multi-layer structures, and their image quality should be better. For example, it uses industrial-controlled LED-backlit high-definition LCD screens. The indoor color is still excellent, making the screen display of the industrial touch screen better.

What is an industrial display?

Industrial monitors are monitors used in industrial scenes. Because industrial environments are different from ordinary commercial environments and home environments, it will have more dust, electromagnetic interference, vibration and so on.

If the ordinary intelligent industrial display is used in industrial scenes, the life of the display will be greatly shortened, and it will fail repeatedly without the warranty period. This is absolutely intolerable for factories with high equipment stability requirements.

Therefore, this requires such an intelligent industrial display, which has good sealing performance and good dustproof effect; it can shield the signal interference well, so as not to be interfered by other equipment, nor interfere with the work of other equipment; possess Very good shockproof performance; has a certain waterproof performance; long standby time; suitable for a variety of touch technology; high-brightness display; high-resolution display; high temperature / low temperature environment, etc.

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