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How to Start an OEM/ODM Customization Item with Touch Think?

Aug. 24, 2023

As a combination of information technology, Internet, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, the industrial panel PC has been widely used in nearly 100 industrial automation applications, such as manufacturing workshops, CNC machine tools, industrial robots, 3D robot detection, precision instrument production, production site visualization, industrial Big Data collection, food processing, fabric manufacturing, industrial 3D printing, MES production system, instrument detection, intelligent motion control, laser cutting, automatic processing, full-automatic packaging, electrical automation, etc.


So, under the complex and diverse requirements of industrial application scenarios, how can industrial tablets meet the needs of different scenarios and solutions? The answer is the OEM / ODM customized service system.


Compared with commercial computers, industrial tablets are better in configuration performance because of their application in the industrial scene environment, and the ability to make special customization is one of the distinctive features of their application in the industrial field. Therefore, for the industrial tablet PC manufacturers, the production of a single standard product is far from meeting the needs of users, and the ability to provide customized solution services is a powerful "weapon" for enterprises in the market competition!


Take Touch Think, a leading manufacturer focusing on touch display equipment, as an example, let's take a look at several steps and processes in the customized solutions for industrial panel PC.


1. Intention negotiation

For the selection of the industrial panel PC, customers need to understand the types of the selling company firstly, it is the source manufacturer or a trade agent company? According to our years of industry experience, most customers are more inclined to choose the source manufacturers and they can investigate the strength of the company on the spot, which is more reliable and reassuring. In the early stage of intention negotiation, the manufacturer will specifically understand the customers' use scenario, application requirements, and roll-out plan.


2. Product proposal


After understanding the specific needs of customers, product proposals will be made. Based on years of application experience in the industrial field, the Touch Think marketing team understands the use requirements of many industrial application scenarios and will customize and provide a variety of development solutions for the customers.


3. Project evaluation


After the development of multiple development solutions, it is necessary to further confirm the feasibility of the solutions with the company's R & D team and the possibility of realizing the performance of some special products. According to the customers' suggestions, the development solution will be finalized and the R & D confidentiality agreement will be signed.


4. R & D implementation


Then the project engineer will carry out product design, prototype production, test and verification, and other processes. For some special use scenario requirements, the product's appearance structure will be redesigned to meet the customers' specific module function addition, external equipment, and installation mode requirements.


5. Sample confirmation


In combination with the proposal submitted by the R & D department, the production department will prepare the prototype and produce and assemble the sample, then the R & D department will test and confirm the corresponding product performance, and deliver the prototype to the customer for testing and receive customer feedback.


6. Small batch trial production


After the customers confirm the prototype, the manufacturer will conduct small batch trial production and collect feedback information in real-time through the actual application to track the use of the customized industrial panel PCs, so as to further optimize and improve product performance later.


7. Mass production and delivery


After the small-batch trial products are confirmed by customers, the delivery of the massive production will be further implemented. Therefore, for manufacturers, the production capacity is also one of the selection criteria for customers, especially, for the distributors and resellers. Touch Think has a standardized production workshop, the capacity strength to meet the needs of users in large quantities, 5000㎡ warehouses ensures stock products and daily shipments.


8. Quality inspection

From prototype, small batch to mass production products, nearly ten kinds of tests have been implemented before delivery, including screen calibration, controllable constant temperature, and humidity, controllable dropping, port static electricity, withstand voltage, 48 hours aging, etc., to ensure that each industrial panel PC meets the industry using standard.


9. Technical after-sales service


In addition, 24-hour online customer service is also essential for industrial panel PC manufacturers. Touch Think not only provides perfect product after-sales support, but also supports remote technical operation guidance, rapid response, and solving all product use problems, only to improve users' better user experience.

How to start an OEM/ODM Customization Item with Touch Think?


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