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Smart Healthcare Display Equipment Solution

Jul. 15, 2020

Touch Think has been focusing on industrial intelligent control and industrial display terminal since 2013, In recent years, also customized many all in one panel PCs and medical monitor for smart hospital projects. Especially, the orders about medical all-in-one panel PCs or medical monitors have increased a lot this year under the background of the COVID-19. We believe Touch Think will provide more and more intelligent medical application solutions to meet the needs of medical user scenarios.


1. Smart medical application field


In the field of touch display equipment for many years, Touch Think intelligence has accumulated rich application experience. In addition to industrial intelligent automation, intelligent medical treatment is also one of the important expansion applications of Touch Think. In addition, due to Touch Think products already have features of adaptation to the complex, changeable, and harsh industrial environments, which makes the products have more significant advantages in medical treatment fields.


Our Advantages:

1) Systematic medical solutions


Up to now, Touch Think has a perfect customized service system for project solutions, including intention negotiation, product proposal, project evaluation, R&D implementation, quality inspection, sample confirmation, on-site installation control, small batch trial production, mass production, in-time delivery, after-sales technical service, etc. the systematic service system provides mature technical solutions for medical users.


2) The products have passed the EMC test and certification


More importantly, intelligent equipment is applied in the field of medical diagnosis and treatment equipment. Touch Think products have a set of mature, reliable, and perfect rectification scheme for the equipment that needs to pass the EMC test, which can help the medical equipment pass the relevant qualification certification of EMC testing.


Therefore, for the medical application field, Touch Think products meet the requirements of passing safety certification, including CCC, CE, and other qualification certification. And in terms of EMC testing, our products also meet the requirements of electrostatic discharge immunity and radiation disturbance for medical use, so as to provide medical users with more assured and safe quality assurance.


2. Multi-medical application scenarios solutions


The application of touch display devices in the field of intelligent medical treatment can be divided into three categories: auxiliary, diagnostic, and therapeutic medical devices. Thanks to years of experience, Touch Think has been involved in the application of many medical machinery and equipment.


1) Auxiliary medical treatment equipment


The self-service film taking machine


The self-service film taking machine built with industrial Android touch all-in-one PC is integrated with modern Network transmission technology, which provides a new practical way for patients to obtain image film and diagnostic reports by scanning ID cards.


Intelligent medicine cabinet


Normally, it provides fingerprint lock and electronic password lock-in combination. The camera will take pictures in real-time, operate on the touch screens, and store goods in information management, which helps to improve the work efficiency of medical staff and ensure strict control of special drugs.


Medical intelligent Cart


The intelligent medical cart helps medical staff search patients' cases at any time, which is suitable for the operating room, registration, payment, treatment, nursing, rehabilitation, and other medical scenarios.


Hospital handling robot


The equipment support sets up a program to scan and identify the front passageway, ensure the safety of the robot and environment, meanwhile, it cooperates with ultrasonic, radar, and sound and light alarm, predict the track of objects and passengers and avoid pedestrians and obstacles in time.


Remote patient monitoring system


In the treatment of some infectious diseases, the equipment remote monitoring system ensures the timely feedback of patient status, reduces contact infection, and improves the safety of medical staff.


Smart Healthcare Display Equipment Solution

2) Diagnostic medical solutions




According to the observation of patients' heart health status, the equipment displays medical monitoring data, uploads it to the cloud end, and doctors provide professional health guidance and suggestions on the Internet according to these data.


Ultrasonic color ultrasound equipment


Based on the equipment image processing technology and software analysis function, it realizes a wide range of imaging, trapezoidal imaging, elastic imaging, three-dimensional, four-dimensional volume imaging, GPS real-time puncture navigation, and other functions.


Pulmonary function tester


It displays and detect human lung function, tracks the lung health status and data of the patients. It can be used in respiratory medicine, chest department, occupational disease prevention and control institutions, hospital physical examination, clinic, family, and other environments.


Medical imaging X-ray equipment


It is composed of an X-ray generating device, imaging system, and other auxiliary devices. In the auxiliary system, the equipment quickly captures high-definition motion detection images, solve the problem of motion blur, and shorten the exposure time.

 Smart Healthcare Display Equipment Solution

3) Therapeutic medical solution




As an important display & touch center for ventilator programming, early warning, and displaying patient-ventilator data, the touch panel plays an important role in the adjuvant treatment of respiratory failure, surgical anesthesia, respiratory management, and emergency resuscitation.


AI psychotherapy


Some AI psychotherapy equipment built-with all-in-one panel PCs support collect EEG, facial expression recognition information, eye movement tracking, respiratory data, EMG, GSR, and other relevant data of patients, so as to assist diagnosis with objective physiological data and reduce the influence of subjective factors.


The mammary gland treatment instrument


According to the characteristic of selective absorption of infrared light to human soft tissue, the equipment shows the depth, size, edge shape, and other information of detecting pathological tissue through photographing and image display.


Children's intelligence corrector


Through collecting children's basic information, micro expression, micro movement, etc., and offers image/data analysis helps to evaluate children's intelligence maturity, which can be used in children's health care department, children's Hospital, pediatrics of the general hospital, etc.

 Smart Healthcare Display Equipment Solution

3. The market potential of medical application


According to the "Research and Report on the market prospect of China's smart medical industry in 2019", released by the China Business Industry Research Institute, in 2018, China's smart medical application exceeded 70 billion Yuan, and the country strongly supports the development of smart health care. It is estimated that the sales amount of the smart medical market will approach 120 billion Yuan by 2020. It can be predicted that the smart medical application market has great potential.


The essence of smart medical treatment is actually "Internet + medical treatment", which means that the application of intelligent equipment is an important trend in the development of the industry. For industrial touch display devices, based on the similarity between industrial and medical scenes in complex, diversified, and high-quality detection, it will also usher in a new development opportunity for smart medical applications.

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