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How To Test Industrial Panel PC In Touch Think Lab?

Oct. 20, 2023

With the pace of the development of the information age, intelligent hardware ushered in a broad application market, and with the increasing demand for intelligence from all aspects of life, more and more intelligent hardware has become one of the indispensable aids for the progress and development of the industry. Among them, industrial touch display equipment used in industrial intelligent automation, intelligent control, intelligent manufacturing, and other fields, also has a broader development opportunity.


Thanks to its superior product performance configuration, industrial touch display equipment has gradually expanded to other popular industries. Taking Touch Think, a professional touch display equipment manufacturer, as an example, Touch Think has been focusing on industrial intelligent automation, now it has also made great efforts in the application fields of intelligent medical treatment, vehicle-mounted display, and artificial intelligence, and has gained rich experience in many successful cases, as well as trust from many medical users.


So, what are the requirements for industrial touch screen display devices manufacturers in so many applications? Excellent product quality assurance indispensable.


Up to now, the Touch Think company has a systematic quality management system. And passed a number of quality inspection items, and formulated a clear, effective, and reliable correction and prevention methods and requirements during production. and preventive measures and requirements for potential non-conforming products and standardized the process inspection procedures to ensure the product quality in the process.

 How To Test Industrial Panel PC In Touch Think Lab?

Let's take a look at what important quality tests the products need to pass in the Touch Think quality laboratory.


High and low-temperature resistance test  


First of all, for the industrial touch monitors and all-in-one panel PCs, high and low-temperature resistance test is essential in some specific environments. By testing the adaptability of products in a high-temperature environment, the possible faults or hidden dangers can be found. At present, there are a number of programmable constant temperature and humidity testing equipment in Touch Think lab, including the equipment for - 20 ~ + 150 ℃ and - 40 ~ + 150 ℃ temperature test, which fully meet the needs of users for product temperature test.


(wide temperature test from - 10 ℃ to + 60 ℃)


At the same time, in terms of temperature, Touch Think products support experimental detection and testing for high-temperature storage, high-temperature operation, low-temperature storage, low-temperature operation. All series Touch Think products support the working temperature from - 10 ℃ to + 60 ℃ and also provide customized service for product working temperature according to the needs of users.


Waterproof test


As one of the important features of industrial touch screen panel PC, dustproof and water-proof are important indicators to distinguish commercial grade all-in-one PCs. Touch Think series of industrial computers are built with a truly flat panel with IP65 dustproof and waterproof, which meet the requirements of any dust, water, oil stains, and other harsh use environments, preventing external impurities entering the inner of the PC or monitor, and effectively prolong the service life.

 How To Test Industrial Panel PC In Touch Think Lab?

In the aspect of waterproof quality detection, Touch Think Lab offers a variety of experimental detection and tests, such as high temperatures and high humidity storage, high temperature, and high humidity operation, etc. Through water pouring tests from different angles, it can detect the use state of the monitor or panel PC in a multi water environment and avoid sudden failure.


Electrostatic discharge test


The operator will test the products' protection ability of electrostatic discharge by contact discharge and air discharge of the product surface. In the laboratory, electrostatic discharge gun and electrostatic discharge tables are used to test the anti-static performance of the products with standard operation.

 How To Test Industrial Panel PC In Touch Think Lab?

At the same time, for example, in the application of diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment, electrostatic discharge is one of the quality tests that medical equipment must be approved. In addition, radiation disturbance and safety regulations are also the tests required for medical applications. Touch Think products meet these requirements, which is an important reason why the products are widely used in the field of intelligent medical applications.


Vibration resistance test


In some applications of industrial touch screen panel PCs and industrial monitors, such as on-board display, rail transit, and automatic production line, vibration will inevitably occur. Through the product anti-shock test, we can detect whether the product structure and packaging design meet the mechanical vibration requirements in the process of storage and transportation, and we also can check the critical value of the product in the vibration environments. Touch Think series of products are surely meet the needs of users with strong anti-vibration performance.

 How To Test Industrial Panel PC In Touch Think Lab?

In the Touch Think Lab, there are drop tester and shockproof test equipment to simulate vehicle vibration. Through different frequency settings, the shockproof performance of products can be tested. This is also one of our advantages in developing vehicle-mounted display applications.


In addition, Touch Think products also need to carry out voltage withstand test, power adaptation test, grounding test, and many other quality tests, multiple strict tests will bring better application experience for users with reliable product quality, and help users solve application difficulties.


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