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Industrial All-In-One PC Becomes Automobile Manufacturers' Strong Assistant

Aug. 03, 2020

In the middle of July, BYD's Han series, which had been waiting for a long time, finally came into the market! The Han Dynasty series is the most anticipated series in the market. Among them, Han EV is the first model of the BYD family to carry blade battery. Browse the general evaluation from the market, its appearance, details, and performance, all left good feedback.


The high-speed development of new energy vehicles drives greater demand for the manufacturing industry


The topic of new energy vehicles has always been at the center of the industry topic. Coupled with the promotion of sustainable development strategy, it can be predicted that the development of domestic new energy vehicles will become the top priority of future automobiles, led by BYD. Under the background of this industry, it is bound to drive the development of many related industries.


As a directly related industry, automobile manufacturing is also the focus of many automobile manufacturers. For example, China's first automobile manufacturing group, Chang'an Automobile Manufacturing Group, Shanghai automobile manufacturing group, Dongfeng Automobile Group, Guangzhou Automobile Group, BYD automobile, Geely Group, and other well-known domestic automobile manufacturers, the automation, digitization, and intellectualization of their manufacturing plants have become common features.

Among the numerous branches of the manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing is one of the industries with the most comprehensive degree of automation. In the factories of many well-known manufacturers, robots are everywhere. The utilization rate of human resources is gradually reduced, which is also an important way to improve the production efficiency of automobile manufacturing.

Automobile production and manufacturing cannot work without the help of intelligent hardware equipment

In the automobile manufacturing factory, lots of intelligent manufacturing equipment are used, the most common are industrial robots and industrial manipulators. The console connected with an industrial robot and touch all-in-one PC, as the main hardware equipment for robot specific programming, is the key to ensure the long-term stable operation of the robot.

Industrial All-In-One PC Becomes Automobile Manufacturers' Strong Assistant

As a leading manufacturer of professional touch display equipment, Touch Think has focused on the field of industrial intelligent automation for many years, with rich industry application experience, and has gained hundreds of classic successful application cases, such as industrial automation equipment, production line transformation, intelligent workshop, intelligent tightening robot, machine vision inspection, CNC machine bed, workshop electronic data board, food processing and manufacturing, automatic laser cutting equipment, industrial endoscope, industrial 3D printing, automatic labeling machine, workshop station video SOP, automatic packaging line, instrument manufacturing, industrial frequency conversion cabinet, etc.


The rich solution experience in the field of industrial automation is also the great advantage of Touch Think products to enter the automobile manufacturing industry. In addition, according to the feedbacks of many Touch Think clients, after a long time of design, research and development, it is expected that the new industrial intelligent control new products will be put on the market in the near future, just to make the industrial intelligence more simple!


The new product launched this time is really only focused on the field of industrial automation, aiming to provide a more targeted product and a more professional overall solution for many domestic intelligent manufacturing users.

 Industrial All-In-One PC Becomes Automobile Manufacturers' Strong Assistant

Therefore, the new industrial products from the outside to the inside display a strong industrial attribute. The appearance is more in line with the needs of many industrial scenes, and is suitable for the flexible installation methods such as the embedded cabinet, workshop production line, work station, industrial robot console, etc.; its all-glass panel design offers a wider display perspective, and higher definition of data, image, and video display, which is suitable for many manufacturing processes such as quality inspection.

 Industrial All-In-One PC Becomes Automobile Manufacturers' Strong Assistant

In addition, in the industrial scene of automobile manufacturing where many intelligent devices are widely used, the working environment has strong electromagnetic interference. The EMC anti-interference performance of Touch Think industrial touch panel PC is further improved in order to meet the user's needs. Besides, the internal components and configuration performance will also be upgraded to ensure that the production line runs 24 hours without interruption.


Generally speaking, the rapid development of new energy vehicles will also drive further development or improvement of the automobile manufacturing industry. No matter in the field of automobile manufacturing or more industrial automation application fields, industrial touch all-in-one computers can be applied to almost all production processes, which also means that the development of the automobile market will bring more considerable application market for touch all-in-one PC.





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