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Touch Think Launched Medical Monitors and Panel PCs

Nov. 11, 2021

As a supporting product in the medical field, with the deep integration of digitization and intelligence with medical and healthcare, medical touch displays and panel PCs have also been widely used. Due to the particularity of the medical industry, how to choose an appropriate touch display device has become a difficult problem.


Medical series touch display devices are newly developed and designed by Touch Think. It is mainly for supporting display devices in the medical field. The medical field has very high requirements for its related equipment and supporting products to ensure the accuracy, stability, and safety of medical facilities in use.


In practical application, medical institutions run and connect various systems and intelligent devices through supporting medical touch devices to assist doctors and patients to complete diagnosis and treatment conveniently and effectively, which can clarify the process and improve efficiency, which is very important in the digitization process of medical institutions.


Touch Think launched the following three series of medical touch display devices.


Medical Android all-in-one PC

Medical Android all-in-one PC has strong expansibility and is convenient for secondary development for customers.


Medical all-in-one Windows panel PC

Medical Windows panel PC has a mature system, stable operation, and strong compatibility.


Medical monitor

The medical LCD monitor has high display resolution and presents a clear image.


These three series products can meet the needs of different medical scenarios.


Appearance design


The medical touch display equipment series is made of high-precision aluminum alloy casing, with a white shell, matching the quiet and calm style of hospital environments, it has a rounded edges design, strictly following the design requirements of medical equipment, showing a rational, safe, and rigorous style, making the patient feel the pressure release.


Function application


Medical series touch display equipment can be compatible with 99% of software in the medical industry, and stably run PACS, HIS, and CIS software, covering medical management, patient management, image management, and other applications.


Environment adaptability


The touch display equipment of the medical series has reached industrial-grade performance. From material selection to structural design, it fully considers the humid and strong electromagnetic interference environment of the hospital. The front panel is of flat design, IP65 dust-proof and waterproof, and the anti-electromagnetic interference layout inside the monitor reaches EMI / EMC standards. The protection is further upgraded. The port contact is ± 8KV, and the air contact is ± 15kV. The protection design has experienced the company's multi-link test and is stable and effective.


Function expansion and equipment connection


Touch Think medical monitors and medical panel PC designed with multiple interfaces, which can be connected with different equipment in the medical scene to meet the needs of diagnosis, treatment, imaging, and so on.

 Touch Think Launched Medical Monitors and Panel PCs

The newly launched medical series touch display devices have 12 display sizes, ranging from 7 inch to 21.5 inch, suitable for different medical equipment demands.


It supports embedded installation, wall-mounted installation, cantilever installation, and desktop installation, to meet many application scenarios in the medical environment.


Usually, as an intelligent device, applying the medical field needs to meet the general medical standards set by the state.


As one of the four application fields, Touch Think has rich experience and many successful cases in the medical application field. These newly launched medical series are independently developed and designed by Touch Think, they keep up with the latest market demand, and meet high demands in the medical field on the basis of ensuring stability and safety.

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