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Small-Size Industrial Touch Displays Used In the Field of Education

Oct. 13, 2021

The trend of intelligent education is becoming more and more obvious, and more and more intelligent equipment is constantly applied to the field of education. Intelligent education, namely educational informatization, refers to the process of comprehensively and deeply using modern information technology to promote educational reform and development in the field of Education (educational management, educational teaching, and educational scientific research). Its technical characteristics are digitization, Networking, intelligence, and multimedia. Its basic features are openness, sharing, interaction, cooperation, and ubiquitous. Promote educational modernization with educational informatization and change the traditional mode with information technology.


In the era of educational informatization 2.0, the five application scenarios of intelligent education that can be realized are intelligent teaching, intelligent learning, intelligent examination and evaluation, intelligent management and service, and other intelligent education applications.

 Small-Size Industrial Touch Displays Used In the Field of Education

In many intelligent teaching application scenarios, touch display equipment, as the most widely used equipment in intelligent teaching, has a great market prospect. The touch control display equipment in the teaching field is divided into the large-size display, medium-size display, and small size display. Large size teaching touch equipment is generally teaching electronic whiteboards, while the application of small and medium-sized teaching touch equipment is more flexible.

 Small-Size Industrial Touch Displays Used In the Field of Education

Industrial Touch Screen Monitor & Industrial Panel PC

Performance request of industrial displays required in the field of education

According to the case experience accumulated by Touch Think, educational users prefer to choose industrial displays in the selection of touch display equipment. This is not only because industrial displays have superior performance compared with commercial displays, but also because the industrial display can meet more teaching application scenarios.


1) Touch Think products for education application: Touch Think 2nd-GEN industrial display.


2) Product features:


● The monitor is made of Aluminum alloy die casting, the thickness of the front panel processed by CNC is only 3mm, and the wire drawing oxidation process makes the appearance beautiful.


● The industrial monitor has a pure flat panel design, reaches IP65-rating dustproof and waterproof standards, suitable for outdoor dusty and rainy environments.


● Adopts self-developed industrial driving board with RJ45, presenting strong anti-static, anti-surge, EMC / EMI anti-interference, and other reliable performance.


● Supports VGA, DVI, and HDMI signal input, HD video transmission without compression, presenting a clear picture and no frame loss.


● Supports embedded, wall-mounted, desktop, VESA 75/100mm, and other installation methods.


● According to different use scenarios, educational users are more inclined to choose non-touch or capacitive touch for sensitive touch control.


● For display size selection,  in the field of education, 7-21.5 inch industrial displays are popular.


Small-size industrial displays applications


Relying on the high-performance support of industrial display, in smart application scenarios, here introduce five application scenarios.


1) Access control & detection in School gate

As one of the effective ways to ensure students' safety, the campus entrance inspection system is often equipped with face recognition terminals or monitors at the school entrance. It can not only make student attendance statistics but also verify the identity of the person entering the campus.


2) Multifunctional Classroom

The application of multi-functional classrooms in intelligent education is becoming more and more popular. In some computer teaching and listening-related classrooms, normally, every desk will install a touch screen monitor, all these monitors are controlled by one host, this kind of smart classroom becoming more and more popular among students.


3) Library inquiry equipment


The library, as the knowledge base for students, stores a large number of books and teaching materials of various categories. In such a large number of books, in order to facilitate readers to quickly find the books they want, library query equipment can be installed, then an industrial all-in-one panel PC will be embedded into the equipment to realize touch display function. Before the books are put into storage, the book information is entered into the all-in-one PC, and readers also can quickly find the location of the books through the all-in-one PC.


4) Self-service Electronic Parcel Locker

college students are the main forces of online shopping, campus express delivery services are also facing considerable pressure. Self-service electronic parcel locker on campus not only saves a lot of time for campus express delivery but also improves the flow efficiency of campus express delivery.


5) Campus monitoring and management

As an important means to ensure campus safety, the campus monitoring system is composed of WiFi wireless cameras and supporting multiple industrial displays. The hidden dangers of campus safety are effectively eliminated through the display feedback information section.

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