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The Core of Intelligent Manufacturing is Intelligent Factory

Oct. 14, 2019

The information revolution is in the rapid development step, manufacturing elements such as machinery, people, and products are no longer independent individuals. They are closely linked through the Industrial Internet of Things to achieve a more coordinated and efficient manufacturing system.


The current transformation of manufacturing can be seen as the integration of automation upgrades and information technology. This is not just automation and machine substitution, but also the factory can make independent decisions, flexibly produce diversified products, and quickly respond to more. Market changes.


The combination of AI and manufacturing system will be inevitable. Using machine learning, pattern recognition, cognitive analysis and other algorithmic models, the ability of plant control and management system can be improved, and so-called intelligent manufacturing can be realized. Only in this way can enterprises gain better advantages in today's competitive environment.

Intelligent manufacturing process is mainly around the intelligent factory, and artificial intelligence plays an important role in the intelligent factory. The Internet of Things connects all machines and devices together, such as controllers, sensors and actuators. Then, AI can analyze the data uploaded by sensors, which is the core of intelligent manufacturing.


With the development of industrial Internet of Things, network and entity systems will be closely linked, that is, the Internet of Things will connect processors and sensors in the production site, so that robots can communicate with each other, and the work of machines and people will no longer be strictly divided. In the future, manufacturing systems will integrate people and machines.


Digital twins play an important role. The whole process of intelligent manufacturing has a digital twin model. The system includes anything in the real world, such as application or operation manual.


In addition, there is human-machine interaction in intelligent manufacturing system, that is, the interaction between human and robot. It also uses artificial intelligence to drive and optimize products and processes. Factories need to do some predictive maintenance or predict the energy consumption of machines and so on. More and more of these functions can be realized in intelligent factories.





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