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How To Choose An Industrial Display?

Dec. 25, 2019

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of features and technical conditions is the first step in the display selection process. Moreover, the applications for displays in industrial equipment are different from products that are usually consumer-oriented. In the selection, basic factors such as optical performance, electrical performance, durability and mechanical performance should be considered. Flat Panel Display Factory will introduce you in detail below.

1. Perspective

Commercial and consumer displays are usually designed for single-person use sitting directly in front of the display. In most industrial applications, this situation is very rare. For example, physicians or nurses cannot stop during the diagnosis and go directly to the monitor, they just want to know the expected data. For large machines, it is simply impossible to operate directly in front of the display. For navigation of a ship or an aircraft, it is inconvenient for the driver to sit directly in front of the LCD, especially when there are multiple displays, they are all facing the viewer at different angles.

Displays should have a wide viewing angle. Consumer displays generally cannot meet this requirement. This is because they use Twisted Nematic technology, so the viewing angle is limited. In order to better adapt to industrial applications, a wide viewing angle is required for the display.

2. Mechanical properties

Like many technologies, there are also design changes in flat-panel LCD products worldwide. In industrial-grade panels, this change may occur every five years or more. Changes are due to the need to adapt to technological advances or better designs. Therefore, it is important to maintain a certain level of continuity when designing industrial and medical equipment. This includes the same mounting holes, connector locations, and even some of the same display sizes.

When the display changes within five years, the end product can have a 10-year life cycle. Before choosing a monitor, this helps to consider some standard specifications, as well as the company's design strategy. In contrast, consumer displays can change every 6 months, making them difficult to use in applications that require configuration control.

3. Service life

For consumers in the industrial market, whether it is used in a telephone booth or a display terminal on an oil rig, it is rare to find a display that guarantees 10 years of work. Manufacturers can provide displays with a life cycle that meets or exceeds 10 years. However, most manufacturers that produce Industrial Monitors will produce at least 3 years. In fact, the supply time of products can last at least 5 years.

In sharp contrast, consumer-grade displays used in desktop displays, laptops, or other consumer devices change within a year, sometimes as often as every six months. These displays primarily appeal to consumers by price or appearance, just like a meteor: it disappears in a flash. However, they also have their own positions in the market. They are widely used in the consumer field. Products in this field do not have many requirements for the continuous operation of the display and the compatibility of the external dimensions.

4. Configuration control

Configuration control means that the display remains compatible in terms of appearance, applicability, and functionality within a certain period of time. This basically allows display manufacturers the flexibility to change sub-components to keep up with technology or market needs. It also allows users to transition to newer display products with minimal design changes.

The above is how the Embedded Monitor supplier introduced to you how to choose an industrial monitor, I hope to help you.

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